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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Quote of the Day

James Taranto on Obama's extolment of The Comeback City!


From "Best of the Web Today":
"We are one nation. We are one people. We will rise and we will fall together," President Obama declared in his Labor Day speech. "Anyone who doesn't believe it should come here to Detroit. It's like the commercial says: This is a city that's been to heck and back. And while there are still a lot of challenges here, I see a city that's coming back."

... Henry Payne of the Detroit News reports:

"[Obama] parachuted into this city's sanitized, heavily-securitized [sic] downtown square-mile of corporate headquarters and Whole Foods markets - safe from the murderous streets of the city's other 138 square miles that have claimed 250 lives already this year and put Detroit on path for a staggering 50 per 100,000 residents murder rate in 2011."

Obama saw "a city that's coming back" because he avoided the vast majority of the city, which has "been to heck" and remains there.
The subheading to Taranto's piece: "Obama's model for America: Detroit."

More telling words were never writ.

- - -

Henry Payne: "After his speech, the president was quickly swept back to 30,000 feet again to work on Big Ideas - his rock-star image unsullied by the bloody streets of Detroit."

When I was still plying my trade in the area and had the infrequent occasion to travel the streets of Detroit to call on then-current and potential customers (in the 90's), enterprises that were more often than not razor-wired off from their hostile surroundings, it was fascinating to see parts of the city that were still in ruins, ruins that were brought about by the riots of the 60's.  I remember some of those crumbling piles of forsaken humanity were within eyesight of Tiger Stadium.  A field of dreams that is itself now in ruins.

I should mention, too, I was always packing heat back then.  Mama didn't raise no fool.  I chose to not have my head handed to me.