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Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Terrorists Won II

According to the Roanoke Times editorial page, the only legacy passed down to us from 9/11 - see "Assessing the legacy of 9/11" - involves a "misdirected war, embattled liberties and emboldened bigotry."

Not one word about Islamist hatred for the West.

Not one word about those who want us all dead.

Not one word about those who killed 2,977 people on this date ten years ago.

It's all about Cheney and waterboarding and rendition and torture ... Bush ... "racial and religious stereotypes" ... xenophobia ...

According to the swill at the Times, 9/11 was "the day a country changed for the worse."

Bodies falling from skyscrapers?

Jubilation in the streets of Palestine after the death toll was announced?

Heroes running toward their doom?


9/11?  The day that made America a bad place full of bad people. 

That's the legacy of 9/11.

I'm trying, at this moment, to remember who it is that we need to focus on here.  Those who brought 9/11 down upon us.  The world's Islamists.  Who are still out there.  And who still hate us.  And who still plot to kill us.

It's not the nitwits at the Roanoke Times.

Though they make it powerfully difficult to ignore them.