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Friday, September 02, 2011

We Need To Turn Things Around

And we need leaders who can make that turn happen.

See "Restoring American dream means rekindling entrepreneurial spirit." By George Allen in the Washington Times.

A snippet:
Job numbers are down, the stock market is down, economic outlook is down, and confidence in the future is down. And for the first time in American history, our nation’s credit rating is down - an unprecedented development that further strains our economy and confidence in the future.

No wonder the CBO warns that America is facing “profound budgetary and economic challenges.”

Meanwhile, the federal government and its burden on our economy continue to grow. Since 2009, federal spending has jumped more than 30 percent, the nation’s debt has risen from $10 trillion to nearly $15 trillion, the cost of complying with Washington’s slew of regulations has reached nearly $2 trillion per year, and the nation’s unemployment rate has risen to and remained above 8 percent for a record 30 straight months.

I am advocating and persuading people to support my Blueprint for America’s Comeback. It is a pro-growth plan of action that will make our nation once again an engine of job creation, unleash our plentiful energy resources and rein in what has become an overreaching, overspending government. Here are three common-sense, proven solutions and reforms to help America soar.
You'll have to read the whole thing to find out what Allen's "three common-sense, proven solutions and reforms to help America soar" are.  But they do make sense.  And we do so desperately need solutions.

Give it a read.

And help put this thing we call America back on track.