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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

When Stupid People Run This Country

I am so glad the mainstream press gives this nitwit lots of air time. From "Rep. Maxine Waters Calls For A Trillion-Dollar Jobs Program":

"I’m talking about a jobs program of a trillion dollars or more. We’ve got to put Americans to work. That’s the only way to revitalize this economy. When people work they earn money, they spend that money, and that’s what gets the economy up and going."

Let it be understood, her interest isn't really in the "jobs" but in the opportunity for those with jobs to spend their paychecks and, in doing so, revitalize the economy.

Which has a certain economic soundness to it. That's what stimulus is all about.

But I have a few questions for the genius from South L.A.:

If Americans' spending money in the marketplace is a good thing, and if creating conditions such that more Americans are able to spend more of their money on goods and services - an action that will, according to Ms. Waters, get our economy back on track - is her goal, why not give every American a big fat tax cut? Why not let them keep their money so that they can spend it? And in doing so, revitalize our struggling economy? Why seize dollars from the people and give a portion of them back to the people to spend?

You want the American people to be given the opportunity to get the economy going?   Give them that opportunity.  Quit robbing them of their daily bread.

But ... but ... but ...