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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Who Can Afford It?

In 1947 Bill Levitt designed and built a home that the average American could afford.  In fact he built a lot of them.  Originally constructed as rental properties in what became Levittown, New York, he expanded his venture to include homes that he put up for sale.

Price tag? $7,999.

Said one American, a veteran of World War II who came back to the States and started a family and a new life in the dream that William Levitt built: "We were young, all of us who moved to Levittown, and we thought Bill Levitt was the greatest man in the world. Imagine it — $10 deposit, $90 at settlement, and you had a house of your own!"

Ten dollar deposit. Ninety dollars at closing. And America was off and running.


Today America's best and brightest are still designing homes.

The latest:

The United States Department of Energy calls this design, constructed in 2011, "cost-effective," and "affordable."  Oh, and ... "attractive."

Price tag for this affordable and attractive home?

Half a million dollars.

Plus labor.

A home for the masses?

Or a home built to make environmentalists with a wad of taxpayer money at their disposal - and a total detachment from reality - happy with themselves?

From Levittown to Lunacy.

For the love of God, what are these people thinking?

And why are they thinking it with my money?

* Source for the first photo: "Levittown: Documents of an Ideal American Suburb."
** Let it be noted that William Levitt received exactly zero subsidies from the U.S. government to make The American Dream a reality.