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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Who Knows What Evil Lurks ...

I think we've finally gotten to Roanoke Times columnist Christian Trejbal.  For he's truly lost it.  And, for that matter, so too to his buddy-in-conspiracy-derangement Montgomery County Democratic Party chairman Steve Cochran.

Here's how the story goes, and a sad, sordid tale it is.  A tale brought to us by Trejbal himself in "National Republicans meddle in Blacksburg."  (First off, if Trejbal weren't frightened out of his speedos by the shrouded web he weaves, he'd have entitled his ditty "Youth with Tenuous Ties to National Republicans May Someday Meddle in Blacksburg ... Affairs."

Anyway ...

So some guy named Jim Stanley shows up at the Blacksburg town hall recently and asked for records pertaining to town council meetings going back to 2005.  Stanley, Trejbal found out, works  - or worked - for a company by the name of Haley O'Neill, "a firm that specializes in doing opposition research for Republicans. His Linked-In page, which was recently taken down after people started asking questions, identified him as a communications intern for the National Republican Congressional Committee since January." (A question for Mr. Trejbal: Could it have been taken down because Stanley's internship - which would have been a temporary gig - ended? Sorry. Don't want to spoil the conspiracy theory.)

That, in fact, is the extent of the "meddling" allegation.


Bear with him.

It's the potential meddling that has Trejbal's thong askant.

Why was Stanley lurking in the back halls and cloisters of the Blacksburg town hall, seeking local records?

It is strange that the NRCC would take an interest in Blacksburg Town Council minutes. Perhaps Rep. Morgan Griffith anticipates someone from council will run against him next year and is pre-emptively digging up dirt.

That seems unlikely.

A more plausible theory is that this is part of a campaign against Councilman Don Langrehr, who is running for the House of Delegates as a Democrat. His opponent in the 12th District is Republican Joseph Yost. The gerrymandered 12th includes Blacksburg, Radford, Giles County, northern Montgomery County and part of Pulaski County.

Steve Cochran, chairman of the Montgomery County Democratic Party, went further and named names. "We cannot allow Morgan [Griffith] and the Koch brothers to buy this seat," he wrote in an email to party faithful.

I looked through the records Stanley acquired to see what sort of dirt he might dig up. The 13 months he chose are a compendium of hot-button issues in Blacksburg since Langrehr joined council. Annual budget discussions are in there. So are the middle school stadium, First and Main, big-box stores, gas stations and a drive-in restaurant.
I'll skip over all the various possibilities that Trejbal conjures that might explain this Stanley kid's request for records. None of which includes the possibility that he was seeking the information so that he could someday open a Subway downtown and was researching the obstacles that the fascists on the council might throw up to block his effort. Or that might include the possibility that maybe he was doing it for his mother who has an interest in how the old ancestral home is faring.

Or maybe Stanley is going to launch his takeover of the United States government from Burress Hall on the Tech campus.


Maybe Republicans will launch a smear job just before the Nov. 8 election. So what? When you run on your record, you have to expect your opponent to scrutinize it and use what they find. Voters should do the same.

The beautiful thing in this political mystery is that once again Virginia's Freedom of Information laws shined.

It does not matter why Stanley wanted the records, only that he and everyone else have access to them. The NRCC can do what it wants, and voters can piece together what they are up to.
"It does not matter why Stanley wanted the records." It took the Roanoke Times's crack editorialist 5,709 keystrokes to come to that conclusion.

So why is Jim Stanley interested in Blacksburg politics? Stay tuned. Christian Trejbal is on the case.

Me?  Here's my theory: I think Gaia is unhappy with that new arts center that's being built. And the world is about to come to an end. And Jim "Indiana Jones" Stanley knows it (it's hidden in secret code in the council meeting minutes!) and is out to stop her Her before she She wreaks vengeance upon this pathetic planet.

Or not.

Maybe it all boils down to this: Jim Stanley, a young frat boy, is enjoying screwing with easily freaked out liberal weak-of-minds.

Too funny.