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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Who's That Knockin' on Obama's Door?

Why, it's the American people:
Twin defeats spark Democratic fears
By Jonathan Martin, Ben Smith, & Jake Sherman, Politico

Howard Beach, N.Y. — The Democratic Party’s rare loss of a congressional seat in its urban heartland Tuesday, accompanied by a blowout defeat in a Nevada special election, marked the latest in a string of demoralizing setbacks that threatened to deepen the party’s crisis of confidence and raise concerns about President Barack Obama’s political fortunes.

In New York, Republican Bob Turner soundly defeated Democrat David Weprin in a House contest that – in the view of party leaders, at least — featured an anemic urban machine, distracted labor unions, and disloyal voters. In Nevada, a consequential state for the president’s re-election strategy, Democrats suffered a runaway loss rooted in a weak showing in Reno’s Washoe County, a key bellwether.

Even before the polls closed, the recriminations – something short of panic, and considerably more than mere grumbling – had begun. On a high-level campaign conference call Tuesday afternoon, Democratic donors and strategists commiserated over their disappointment in Obama. A source on the call described the mood as “awful.” [link]
A caller to the Sean Hannity radio show yesterday tried to make the case that, because the GOP caters to the rich, and because more and more Americans are becoming poor, the Republican Party was facing extinction.  My response - to no one in particular in my car - was: Dream on, stud.

The New York race results are particularly gratifying in that it appears, with 40% of the District's population being Jewish, and what with the liberal Jewish Democratic candidate (who favored a mosque at ground zero, voted for same sex marriage, etc.) being defeated by a Catholic, that American Jews are finally coming to realize that the Democratic Party is their worst enemy and, even more ominously, the enemy of their brethren in Israel.

The Democratic Party leadership blames its losses, predictably, on low voter turnout, poor organization, blah ... blah ... blah ...

In truth, there's but one explanation for their disastrous defeat.  Summed up in one word.  A word that begins with O and ends in A and shouts ...