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Monday, October 31, 2011

All You Need To Know About Brandon Bell

If it weren't bad enough that 19th Senate District candidate Brandon Bell has to live down the fact that two (former) RINO's  - big tax increasers both - poster boys both for that which ailed the Virginia Republican Party in years not too distant past - came out in support of his candidacy against Republican incumbent Ralph Smith, now Bell has to explain another endorsement.  An endorsement by the man who can be credited for single-handedly bringing about Virginia's last tax increase.

Is there a theme developing here?

Mark Warner - he of the infamous "I will not raise taxes" pledge, and he being just another lying Democrat politician, as it turned out - endorses Brandon Bell.

Says Bell, in response: "I am thrilled to receive the endorsement of Senator Warner."

We'll see how thrilled his evermore conservative district is about that.

Tea Party Wins One In Abingdon

They had been in hot pursuit of this one.  And they got what they wanted.

An announcement from the Southwest Virginia Tea Party of Abingdon & Bristol:
YEE HAH, PATRIOTS!...Another one bites the dust!

Just goes to show ya what a few relentlessly politically incorrect people Who Refuse To Sit Down And SHUT UP can do----whether or not the credit goes to us, (see below) or ICLEI's very user-unfriendly software! We CLAIM THE VICTORY!!!!

Thank you to Rich Macbeth and the 10th Amendment Foundation, for joining the SWVA Tea Party in this fight!

Thank you to Phil Spence and the 2nd Tuesday Constitution Group, for hosting Donna Holt----who forever rocked our world!!

Thank you to Donna Holt, for firing the shot heard around the great Commonwealth of VA!!!

Thank you to Don Casey, for being the surprise guest on the Abingdon Go Green Committee agenda!!!

Thank you, Col Scotty, for your encouraging words on the way to that meeting when I was so nervous I thought I might just throw up....!!!

Above all, thank you God, from whom our liberties originate.

This is a victory, but it doesn't make the problem go away...

We must now focus on the Washington County Comprehensive Plan.

We must make it our duty to know the business of the Mount Rogers Planning District Commission.

We must be a steadfast part of our local and state government, as the new commissioners, delegates and senators take office.

And we must continue to insist that Congressman Morgan Griffith come forth to address the New River Valley Livability Initiative----the regional plan that is poised to take over a huge part of the 9th District---and state his position on Agenda 21.

Removing Rick Boucher from office proved that we cannot be ignored.

Removing ICLEI from Abingdon proves that we didn't stop there.

In liberty,

Catherine Turner
SWVA Tea Party Abingdon / Bristol

- - -

Good afternoon Mr. Macbeth. I understand from Cecile that you have requested to be on the November Council agenda to discuss the status of the Town’s membership in ICLEI. In that regard, please note that I did not renew the Town’s membership for the upcoming year due to our lack of use of the carbon foot printing software that was available to us through ICLEI. Accordingly, Abingdon is not a member for the upcoming year. Let me know if this adequately addresses the inquiry that you have relative to this issue.

Take Care,


Gregory W. Kelly

Town Manager

Town of Abingdon
When every voice is heard ...

They were relentless. And won.

It Depends On Your Definition of the Word 'Likeable'

I about tossed my Wheaties when I read this headline in the paper this morning:

Obama's advisers bank on his 'Mr. Likeable,' 'regular guy' appeal to frustrated Americans

Are we talking about the same Obama? Mr. Aloof?

Mr. Richard Milhous Mean?

You want a man of the people?  Remember this photo of George W. Bush hugging a soldier aboard a commercial flight bound for the war zone, taken at the height of the War on Terror?

That's a kind and loving president of the United States.

Obama?  Likeable?  In your dreams.

Shine The Light Of Day On Them

Don Surber on what's become of the Democratic Party: "This is the face of liberalism, America. It is lawless, selfish, disrespectful and above all mean."

Tsk.  Tsk.  Isn't there an election coming up soon?

Herman Cain Accused of Doing a Clinton

Only no laws were broken and no women raped this time.

Bill Clinton is lauded - by his buddies in the press - for being the best president ever.

I wonder if they'll see the accusations of harassment as being something of no consequence this time.

Sure they will.

- - -

Glenn Reynolds: "Well, the press didn’t spend much time looking into the past of the last black guy who looked like he might be President, so they’re putting a lot more effort into it this time. . . ."

- - -

As this heats up, it's worth remembering two things about Bill Clinton's ... escapades in his earlier life.  (1) He was not accused of inappropriate behavior; he was accused of rape.  Among a host of other serious charges. (2) The media took those allegations and ignored them (attacking the accusers instead).  "Stick to the issues.  Stick to the issues."

Hillary Garners High Praise ...

... from the Washington Post.  Which should be all one needs to know about the foundation upon which the adulation builds.

See "Clinton credited with key role in success of NATO airstrikes, Libyan rebels."

To be fair, if one judges Ms. Clinton's accomplishment solely on the basis of her achieving the simple goal of ousting Moammar Gaddafi, then she certainly deserves credit.  She said we should, she applied our considerable might to the task, and Gaddafi is gone.

Hillary triumphant.

Problem is, nobody can tell us - even Ms. Hillary "Jack Bauer" Clinton - why it is we singled out Moammar Gaddafi for extermination.

Because he was a bad guy?

In a world chock full of bad guys?

Because of the human misery that was being inflicted upon the people of Libya?

Did she send the 101st Airborne to Darfur, or did I miss that righting of wrongs?

Gaddafi's hairdo?

Why did the United States of America invade Libya?

The best they can come up with?  Gaddafi threatened to kill rebels in Bengazi - "like rats."

So we killed his followers ... like rats.

And Gaddafi was summarily snuffed.


She did what she said she was going to do.  No mistake about that.

Meanwhile, the body count is still being tallied.  And her rebel army is still hunting down Libyan loyalists.  Like rats.

Let's all cheer Hillary's remarkable ... success.

Arizona Cheers New Cap-&-Trade Law

Because the new law went into effect in the suicidal state of California.

Employment opportunities?

Arizona here we come!

- - -

Another reason for California's neighbors to cheer. About 20 percent of California’s electricity comes from coal-fired plants, most of which are located in other states. Rates go up? Californians lose. And Arizonans and Nevadans and Texans win.


Food For Thought

We conservatives are routinely accused of being anti-immigration when, in fact, many of us are pro-immigration but simply anti-illegal immigration. Huge difference. At least to anyone with half a brain.

I, for example, think it necessary to boost the nation's immigration quotas. Of really smart foreign students and accomplished professionals.

And Steve Jobs - one-time Obama supporter - agreed:
Steve Jobs's Advice for Obama
By L. Gordon Crovitz, Wall Street Journal

'You're headed for a one-term presidency," Steve Jobs told President Obama at the beginning of a one-on-one session the president requested early last year. As described in the authorized biography by Walter Isaacson, Apple's founder said regulations had created too many burdens on the economy.

Jobs was an Obama supporter, but his just-disclosed comments are typical of a new frustration with Washington among Silicon Valley executives. Their high-tech companies are supposed to be the country's engine for growth, but the federal government is gumming up the works.

Mr. Isaacson reports that Jobs offered to Mr. Obama to "put together a group of six or seven CEOs who could really explain the innovation challenges facing America." But after White House aides got involved with planning the dinner, it became unwieldy and Jobs pulled out.

When a smaller dinner was arranged last February, the result was more estrangement of Silicon Valley from Washington. Mr. Obama was seated between Jobs and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. The dinner also included top executives from companies such as Google, Cisco and Oracle.

According to Mr. Isaacson, Jobs "stressed the need for more trained engineers and suggested that any foreign students who earned an engineering degree in the U.S. should be given a visa to stay in the country." The president reportedly replied that this would have to await broader immigration reform, which he said he was unable to accomplish.

"Jobs found this an annoying example of how politics can lead to paralysis," Mr. Isaacson writes. "The president is very smart, but he kept explaining to us reasons why things can't get done," Jobs said. "It infuriates me."

Jobs told Mr. Obama that Apple employs 700,000 factory workers in China because it can't find the 30,000 engineers in the U.S. that it needs on site at its plants. "If you could educate these engineers," he said at the dinner, "we could move more manufacturing jobs here."

One of the benefits of free trade, including in the movement of labor, is that skills would go where they are most valued. Jobs made the point that Silicon Valley is mystified by a policy that instead educates foreigner engineers at top U.S. universities, then sends them home immediately.

The U.S. issues 140,000 green cards a year, which is not enough to meet demand even in this soft economy. Worse yet, the work-permit laws say that the residents of no country can get more than 7% of the permits. This is fine for Andorra and Liechtenstein but not for India and China, which have 18% and 19% of the world's population, respectively. The National Foundation for American Policy calculates the 7% limit means a backlog of 70 years of applications from prospective Indian workers and 20 years from Chinese ones. [link]
It makes no sense. Which means it's run by the government.

To take this a step further, it's not just a matter of our not getting enough bright, trained foreign students to stay here, other countries are now recruiting actively - and successfully - those American students who are accomplished in their fields of endeavor.

So we're losing the battle for the best minds on the planet at both ends.

We need to open the gates before it's too late. There is great opportunity here in the USA. At least today.

But not tomorrow if we don't get back in the game.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Roanoke Times Endorses John Edwards

Because he's not a Republican.

After weeks of painstaking deliberation and fierce debate, the Times editorial board does what it does every time a Democrat goes up against someone who's not.

Such the pith.

Such the breadth.


I don't know who coined the term - taken from the Depression-era expression Hooverville, named for then-President Herbert Hoover.  But there is growing evidence that those "Occupy Wall Street" sites are evolving into shantytowns for the hopeless and the dispossessed.

Obama Care in all its glory.

With no evidence that conditions are going to improve ...

Last Man Standing?

Newt is gaining in the polls.  And starting to raise some serious cash.

Is he The One?

If only he didn't pull some bonehead move every now and then ...

Letting The 'Occupy Wall Street' Geniuses Define Themselves

There are a lot of leftists in this country who think it their responsibility to give definition to the "Occupy Wall Street" "protest."

Ignore them.

Let the protesters explain themselves.

Or try.

What a colossal embarrassment.

- - -

My favorite exchange between Howard Stern's reporter and Michael Moore's smarter twin:

Reporter: "What are you protesting here tonight?"

Idiot: "Uh, capitalism.  I'm here against capitalism itself."

Reporter: "Where are you defecating while you're here?"

Idiot: "Mostly at the McDonald's over there."

Earth to moron: That shelter where you gain respite is owned by one of the largest capitalist entities on the planet.

Corporations are evil.

No.  That's just McDonald's.  They do hamburgers and stuff.

Good God.

It's Us Against Them

And they carry the badges.  For what they're worth.
A federal agent shows up at a farm and demands to check out the property. The farmer says OK, but tells him not to go over to one pasture. Then the agent arrogantly tells him he has a badge from the federal Environmental Protection Agency and can go wherever he darn well pleases. The farmer says OK. A few minutes later, the agent is running for his life from a bull. The agent calls for help, so the farmer goes to the fence and yells: "Show him your badge."
We are not here to do their bidding.

It's time they understood that.

See "Rural Rebellion Brewing."

The Great Divide

The one sentence, of all the millions written, that defines the age in which we live:

At a million-dollar San Francisco fundraiser today, President Obama warned his recession-battered supporters that if he loses the 2012 election it could herald a new, painful era of self-reliance in America.

Nearly half the population of the United States of America is now reliant on a government check.

And the other half works overtime to pay for them.

This is going to change.  One way or another.

This Is Just Silly

Good grief:

What NBA stars and Occupy Wall Street protesters have in common

Let me guess.

Meaningless college degrees?

No. Get this: Oppression.

Spare me.  Please.


Twelve soldiers were killed in Afghanistan yesterday.  And there's not one person in the United States government who can tell us why.

My God.

You'll Not Read About This In The New York Times

Because it's a story about a Good Samaritan - with a concealed carry permit - who created conditions such that there is one less asshole in the world this morning:

You've heard the expression:

"When Seconds Count, The Police Are Only Minutes Away."

Here's living proof.

Key word being LIVING.

Which Is Worse?

A parent who spanks her child?

Or a parent who forces her seven-year-old son to "live life as a girl."

For the love of God.

'Occupy Wall Street' Attracts ALL the Crazies

Michael Moore and this guy, sharing the same urine-soaked sleeping bag.  It don't get better than this:

Former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke Supports Occupy Wall Street Movement

May they enjoy each other's company.

It Don't Mean a Thing ...

... if you ain't got that swing.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

They Keep This Up & They're Going To Ruin Our Fun

What are we going to do for entertainment if the "Occupy Wall Street" loons end up killing each other?

Report: Fights erupt among Occupy Wall Street protesters

Oh, dear.

Looks like the best reality show on TV may be coming to an end soon.

Guess we'll have to turn to that program called ...

... oops, looks that that freak show's down the drain too.

What's Good For The Goose ...

This seems only fair:
Richmond tea party: Charge Occupy protesters or refund $10,000 we spent to rally in Virginia
Associated Press

Richmond, Va. — The Richmond tea party is demanding a refund of about $10,000 from the city, claiming it unfairly charged them for rallies while allowing the Occupy protesters to use the same space for several weeks for free.

The political organization is sending the city an invoice for the charges incurred for three rallies held in Kanawha Plaza over the past three years. The Occupy protesters have been camped in the plaza since Oct. 15.

Richmond Tea Party spokeswoman Colleen Owens says it's not fair that her group had to pay fees for permits, portable toilets, police presence and emergency personnel. The group also had to purchase a $1 million insurance policy.

Tea party groups across the nation have raised similar concerns since the protests spread from New York earlier this month. [link]
It seems there are a lot of allowances being made for that stinky, lawless mob of clueless losers who have rallied behind the "Occupy Wall Street" banner.


Yeah, But That's Okay

They're not members of a protected class:

Asian Americans most bullied in US schools: study

Too bad.  If only they were "a minority."  Thus: African-Americans, Native Americans, Hispanic Americans, Disabled Americans, Homosexuals, and Women Only need apply.

Besides, as everyone knows, only gay boys are bullied.

Like I Said

As I wrote the other day in "I've Got A Bad Feeling: I am really not getting the man's say-nothing approach to the issues of the day," Washington Post columnist George Will, too, is troubled by the fact that Mitt Romney has taken positions on every issue of the day; make that lots of positions on every issue of the day.  Says Will in "Mitt Romney, the pretzel candidate":

"A straddle is not a political philosophy; it is what you do when you do not have one."

Yeah, he's better than the hapless, detached community organizer who occupies the White House today.

But Romney's not the guy who's going to dismantle the colossus and save our country.

I'm reminded of the time when Bill Clinton - hero of the news media - that unarguable master of the presidency - came before the American people and told them that he was prepared - at their growing insistence - to cut the federal budget. But when asked where specifically he was prepared to make cuts, he could only come up with the honey beekeeper subsidy.  A mere spit in the ocean.  Needless to say, nothing changed during his reign.  Except the level of fawning from that media.

Romney?  I can't honestly say I expect better from him.

Though better we deserve.

I'm still not sure who that better presidential candidate is, but I'm increasingly sure who it isn't.

OWS Like the Tea Party?

I'm trying to recall any incident at the hundreds of Tea Party rallies that warranted a headline like this:

Flier at Occupy Phoenix asks, “When should you shoot a cop?”

And they called the Tea Partiers terrorists?


I'm Getting Really Tired Of This

Said Obama's top aide: It was so much easier for The Miracle Worker to run the country back when he wasn't running the country and Bush was president.  Now that Obama is in charge and is actually expected to do shit, it's so much more difficult.

I'm not even believing these people.

In "Bill Daley, unplugged":
“It’s been a brutal three years,” he says. “It’s been a very, very difficult three years, an incredible three years. And we are doing all this under the overhang of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. F—k! It wasn’t like all this was happening in good times.”
Is this the same bunch who chanted "Yes, we can!" back when they didn't have to?

Let it be remembered that these whiners told us - in 2008, when things were already awful - that they were on top of the problems and were prepared to fix them.

Now it's We thought we could, but we had no idea it was this bad.

Oh, and they expect to get reelected too. Because they are prepared to fix the problems.  Again.


- - -

New Obama campaign slogan:

And keep thinking it ...

Gotta Love Them Democratic Strategists

Uh.  Yeah.

Dem strategist: Conservatives like Herman Cain because he’s a black man who knows his place

That "place" being their leader and standard-bearer?

Look.  That kind of nonsense worked in the days of Stepin Fetchit.

But a lot of conservatives today are prepared to elevate Herman Cain to the highest public office in the land.

A "black man who knows his place"?

If "his place" is LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD, it works for me.

I Worry About The Intelligence of Those 'Occupy Wall Street' Warriors

If this wasn't enough to shake one's confidence in their mental capacities ...

... how about this?

Rick Rice thinks that last one might be photoshopped.

Considering the acuity demonstrated by the first sign-holder, and by this ... human being ...

... I think these people are the real deal.

If they represent "the 99%," we're in big trouble.

Best Comeback Line Ever

Received via email:
Police work must be entertaining as well as dangerous. In summary, the police arrested Patrick Lawrence, 22 year old white male, in a pumpkin patch 12.01 A.M. on Friday. On Monday, at the Gwinnett County (Georgia) Courthouse, Lawrence was charged with lewd and lascivious behavior, public indecency, and public intoxication.

The suspect explained that as he was passing a pumpkin patch on his way home from drinking when he decided to stop, "You know how a pumpkin is soft and squishy inside, and there was no one around for miles, or at least I thought there wasn't anyone around," he stated in a telephone interview.

Lawrence went on to say that he pulled over to the side of the road, picked out a pumpkin that he felt was appropriate to his purpose, cut a hole in it, and proceeded to satisfy his alleged need. "Guess I was really into it, you know?" he commented with evident embarrassment.

In the process of doing the deed, Lawrence failed to notice an approaching police car and was unaware of his audience until Officer Brenda Taylor approached him.

"It was an unusual situation, that's for sure," said Officer Taylor. "I walked up to Lawrence and he's just banging away at this pumpkin." Officer Taylor went on to describe what happened when she approached Lawrence.

"'I said, 'Excuse me sir, but do you realize that you're having sex with a pumpkin?'"

He froze and was clearly very surprised that I was there, and then he looked me straight in the face and said... "A pumpkin? Shit ... is it midnight already?"

This was in the Washington Post ... the title of the article was "Best Come Back Line Ever."

Friday, October 28, 2011

American Ingenuity

Taking advantage of a potentially bad situation?  Or providing an essential service that will benefit the general public?

It's Autumn, 1942.  America is at war.  There are now rumors circulating each day of German U-boats prowling the shipping lanes off the East Coast, with actual incidents of ships being torpedoed within sight of people on shore,  and Japanese submarines making appearances near the beaches of California.  Talk even surfaced just days before of a fire bombing in Oregon by Japanese planes.  Tensions run high.  The fear is palpable.  What to do?  How to allay those fears?

Aetna Insurance had the answer.

From a full-page ad in Time magazine, October, 1942:

While your present fire insurance policies give you exactly the same protection today that they did before the war, they do not cover damage caused by air raids.

To meet this need, the companies of the Aetna Fire Group and their agents and brokers cooperating in the War Damage Corporation (created by the U.S. government) in making war damage insurance available to you.  This new type of insurance specifically covers property losses resulting from enemy attack including action taken by our military, naval or air forces in resisting enemy attack.

You can obtain War Damage Insurance on your home, household goods, automobile, business property, etc. Property worth insuring against fire is also worth insuring against air raids, and almost all classes of property are eligible.  The rate for dwellings is only 10¢ per $100 per year.

In writing War Damage Insurance your local agent is rendering an important public service.  For particulars on how War Damage Insurance can be fitted to your individual needs, ask your insurance agent or broker today.

It's not known how many people took advantage of this "important public service."

What is known, however, is the number of air raids that occurred in the United States (Alaska not yet being a state) after this ad ran and the total dollar damage that had to be made good by Aetna.

That would be zero and $0.

Still, ya gotta admire the ingenuity ...

We Can Gain Energy Independence

It's not a pipe dream.  Here's how:
It’s Time for Real “Energy Action”
By George Allen, writing in The Daily Caller

Two months ago, President Obama announced his latest stimulus proposal, which is a continuation of the same failed policies we’ve seen over the last three years — higher taxes to fund more costly government spending programs.

Absent from the president’s rhetoric was any mention of unleashing America’s energy resources, a proven way to create more than a million new, good-paying jobs here in the USA.

Virginia and the nation deserve better. With 9.1 percent unemployment and more than 14 million Americans looking for work, it is time for this administration to start viewing America’s energy resources as a blessing, not a curse.

One of the major components of my comprehensive, pro-growth plan for jobs — “The Blueprint for America’s Comeback” — is the aggressive pursuit of energy freedom by opening up access to America’s plentiful energy resources and taking control of our own energy destiny.

Fortunately, an opportunity exists for the president to take real action right now to strengthen America’s energy security and create jobs.

Earlier this month, I joined Governor Bob McDonnell and leaders from across Virginia in urging the Obama administration to approve the construction of an advanced pipeline linking Canada and the United States.

The Keystone XL Project will bring more than 700,000 additional barrels of domestic and Canadian oil each day to refineries in Texas. Construction alone will mean jobs for as many as 20,000 Americans, and related economic activity is projected to bring around 100,000 additional hires. Property tax revenues in states through which the pipeline passes could exceed $5 billion, meaning more resources for schools, roads and public safety. And the energy flowing through the pipeline will be from our closest neighbor and ally, not from an unstable and unfriendly foreign regime.

With so much to gain, why is the White House delaying? The Obama administration has yet to approve the permit needed for construction to begin. Bureaucrats and politicians in Washington, D.C. are standing in the way of a project that would create thousands of new jobs, increase our long-term supply of affordable energy and generate revenues without raising taxes.

When it comes to energy, this is just the latest contradiction between the president’s words and his actions. Since 2008, President Obama has touted the job-creating promise of his energy agenda. Instead, we see misused taxpayer funds for unreliable, expensive energy schemes; higher fuel prices; blocked energy development of American coal, oil and natural gas resources; and continued high unemployment over 9 percent.

The good news is that America has the most plentiful energy resources of any country in the world. Our reserves and recoverable oil, natural gas and coal exceed the resources of such energy giants as Saudi Arabia, China and Russia.

Despite this bounty, our dependence on foreign oil is greater today than it was in the days of President Jimmy Carter’s gas lines. Federal bureaucrats continue to hold America’s energy resources “off limits,” and promising ventures like the Keystone pipeline are stopped at the Canadian border. [link]
Energy independence.  It can happen.

Not with Obama in the White House.

But it can happen.

Why Virginia Toughened Its Abortion Mill Regulations

You simply won't believe the callousness on display in this video.  But then again, those shown are employees of Affiliated Medical Services — an abortion mill in Milwaukee, Wis. — as they stand outside their clinic, laughing and dancing, about the time a woman injured in a failed abortion is wheeled away in an ambulance.

"The video, taken by a 40 Days for Life prayer warrior, also captures his conversation with the calloused employees, in which they tell him to 'shut up' and 'lucky it isn’t you in the hospital.'”

Liberals here in Virginia went into apoplexy when the government toughened its abortion clinic regulations (so that scenes that that above with ambulances pulling up to the back door to transport botched abortion victims to the hospital) several months ago.

Civilized human beings wonder why they're allowed to operate at all.

It's America Against the 1%

The bottom 1%.

How quickly things have turned around for the "Occupy Wall Street" idealists when it's their pockets being picked.

Time To Take Action

Fed up with the federal government spending us into oblivion?  Do something about it.  Besides voting the bastards out of office who are doing the USA irreparable harm, get organized.  Let them hear you.

Senator Rand Paul:
Dear Fellow Conservative,

I ran for the U.S. Senate to end the federal government's out-of-control spending and solve our debt crisis.

But that can't be done until we tackle the source of the problem: the unaccountable Federal Reserve.

As long as Ben Bernanke keeps printing money, Barack Obama will keep spending it.

You and I need to end that right now.

And just like during my campaign, the establishment is stacked against us. But look at what has already been accomplished with you in our corner!

Please take a few moments to read the message below from Campaign for Liberty Vice President Matt Hawes and support C4L in this vital effort to rein in the Federal Reserve.

For Liberty,

Senator Rand Paul
The message:
Dear Patriot,

Trillions of dollars have been stolen from U.S. taxpayers.

You and I, right now, are seeing the worst plundering of a country's wealth in the history of civilization, led by an out-of-control Federal Reserve.

But you and I together CAN put a stop to it all.

With your help (including completing the petition to your representative and senators) today, Campaign for Liberty is ready to take the battle straight to the heart of the problem - the Federal Reserve itself.

Last year, we came close to enacting a full Audit of the Fed.

This year, with more Fed opponents put in office and the economy still reeling, we have our best chance ever.

But you must act today.

Just think about the scope of the problem.

The massive, outrageous amount of dollars recently committed to the economic bailouts totals:
More than the socialist New Deal...

More than the entire Iraq debacle...

More than the 1980's savings and loan mess... More than the Korean War...


Where will it all end?

It's time you and I put a stop to an out-of-control Federal Reserve.

And Ron Paul has a bill before Congress to do just that.

That's why it's vital you fill out your personal "Audit the Fed" petition in support of Congressman Paul's bill.

This bill, introduced in the House by Congressman Ron Paul and in the Senate by Senator Rand Paul, will finally pull the lid off the FED and expose its outrageous power grabs.

Now is the time to make sure your representative and senators feel the heat to support the Audit the Fed bill!

If you and I don't act today, I'm afraid this crisis will end with the economic ruin of every man, woman, and child in the United States.

Today, over 16 TRILLION in taxpayer dollars in bailouts and loans have been agreed to by Congress, the Bush and Obama Treasury Departments, and the out-of-control Fed.

So is it really any wonder more and more folks are starting to realize the Washington, D.C. establishment is hurtling us toward complete economic disaster?

Whether it's watching a phony "stimulus" package get rammed into law or seeing Congress pass a $700 BILLION bank "bailout," the American people are agitated and increasingly angry.

You saw the result of that anger in the Tea Parties last year and then in the November elections.

Statist, pro-Fed politicians were tossed out of office left and right!

That means it's a perfect time to unleash the pressure of MILLIONS of outraged Americans on the out-of-control Fed today!

So please agree to complete your petition urging your Representative and Senators to cosponsor and seek roll call votes on Audit the Fed - the first step toward ENDING THE FEDERAL RESERVE once and for all!

As I know you're aware, the Federal Reserve is shrouded in secrecy.

Its meetings are off-limits to the public.

Its inner-workings are off-limits to the public.

Fed leaders know coming clean with Congress and the American people on how they create money out of thin air would result in an anti-Fed firestorm.

So can you imagine the impact of a full-scale audit?

You and I will finally be able to show the American people that the Federal Reserve System leads to:

*** Constant economic crises - the housing crisis and the resulting chaos is just one example of an economic bubble created by centrally-planned interest rates and money manipulation;

*** The destruction of the middle class - as fuel, food, housing, medical care and education costs soar, everyone who is NOT on the government dole is forced to make do with less as the value of their money slowly decreases;

*** Currency destruction - history shows us that riots, violence, and full-scale police states can result when people finally realize fiat money isn't worth the paper it's printed on and REFUSE to accept it.

And unless you and I do end the madness in Washington, D.C., we may be closer than we'd like to think to learning that history lesson firsthand, right here on the streets of our towns and cities.

That's why your commitment to helping pass the Audit the Fed Bill - and helping Campaign for Liberty fight this battle - is so vital.

Just a few years ago, there was no chance of passing any legislation like Ron Paul's Audit the Fed Bill.

So I guess there has been one "CHANGE."

You see, with the piling up of trillions of dollars in out of control "bailouts" of Wall Street and international bankers, even many politicians in Washington, D.C. want to show you they're "being responsible".

What better way for Congress to do this than by auditing the Federal Reserve to account for the trillions stolen from U.S. taxpayers?

More and more Congressmen are already feeling the pressure and are signing up to support this bill.

I've even received word Audit the Fed could move in the coming weeks in the U.S. House.
When that happens, you and I must be ready to fight.

There will be many battles you and I must wage over the coming months to take back our country.
But this one is set to rage in Congress in just a few short weeks.

And, it's both a bill we CAN pass and one that is vital to exposing the massive corruption and downright evil at the Federal Reserve.

You see, after regulating, taxing, spending, borrowing, and printing us into what looks like the worst recession in decades, establishment politicians and power brokers are assuring us they're working hard to "fix" our economic woes.

What is their solution?

You guessed it.

More of the same!

I'm convinced that if you and others will insist on Congress passing Audit the Fed, the votes will be there.

Then the question is whether Barack Obama will sign it.

But here's the thing: even if the Audit the Fed bill is vetoed by Obama, just forcing him to do it is a win/win situation.

Can you imagine how it will look in the 2012 election when you and I tell the American people President Obama refused to even LOOK for the trillions of dollars stolen from the taxpayers?

Now, we just need to show Congress the American people demand action on Audit the Fed.
Here's how we plan to do that.

First, we're already busy contacting up to seven million activists nationwide through mail, phones, and email to generate petitions to the U.S. Congress demanding action on "Audit the Fed".

But that's just the beginning.

We'll work the talk radio stations and grant local media interviews to further turn up the pressure on Congress.

And a few days before the vote, if we have the resources, we'd also like to run hard-hitting targeted radio, TV, and newspaper ads.

This entire program is designed to send this one, CLEAR message to Congress - Any politician who votes against the Federal Reserve Audit should look for another job.

But such a massive effort won't be easy - or cheap.

Sign the petition.

If we don't take action, the America we see in just a few years could look far worse than even the one we see today.

In Liberty,

Matt Hawes
Vice President

P.S. Please complete your petition DEMANDING your Representative and Senators cosponsor and seek roll call votes on the Audit the Fed Bill TODAY!

With federal spending at record levels, and TRILLIONS of new dollars flying off the printing presses, it's never been more important the Federal Reserve's abuses are exposed to the American people once and for all.
Our children and grandchildren will appreciate the effort.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'm Starting To Feel Sorry For The 'Occupiers'

With each passing day, more embarrassment piles upon the hapless, clueless "Occupy Wall Street" kiddies.  Or, in this case, "Occupy London" kiddies:

The thermal images that prove 90% of tents in the Occupy camp in London are left EMPTY overnight

Guess that mass protest doesn't have quite the "mass" the media would have you believe.

Take away the empty tents and those who are there for the gourmet meals, free booze, and drug­fueled parties, and you're left with a handful of snot-nosed, pimple-faced, shit-for-brains losers.

Poor schmucks.  I don't think they had any idea what they were getting into.

The real world can be cruel sometimes.  Someone call Obama!!!

Virginia Citizens Defense League Takes Action

From Ammoland.com:
Operation Campus Safety Comes to Virginia Tech

Covington VA: Finally – we have a date and time for Operation Campus Safety at Virginia Tech!

**Mark your calendars, this is going to be big and you’re going to want to be part of it!

**We have approval for the protest from 8 AM to 4 PM on Thursday, November 17th. While some of us will be there early, the main protest will start at 11:30 AM and run until 4 PM. Speakers will start at 12 Noon and continue until 1:30 PM. We will need lots of people to carry signs, pass out literature, and answer questions.

The protest will be held in front of the Squires Student Center (College Ave./Otey Street side), not far from the town of Blacksburg or the VT Drillfield.
You might wonder what the protest is going to be protesting.

This: Virginia Tech has a "Campus and Workplace Violence Prevention Policy" (there's the first eye-opener; I wonder if Cho Seung-hui read it) that bans the university’s employees, students, and volunteers, or any visitor or other third party attending a sporting, entertainment, or educational event, or visiting an academic or administrative office building, dining facility, or residence hall, ... from carrying, maintaining, or storing a firearm or weapon on any university facility, even if the owner has a valid permit, when it is not required by the individual’s job, or in accordance with the relevant University Policies for Student Life."

The bigger eye-opener is the policy's "purpose":
It is the intent of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University to provide a safe and secure environment for university employees, students, and visitors by establishing preventative measures and providing assistance and support to victims.  
Translated, that means "Here's our gun ban policy, and when it fails, here's our victim support policy."

I'll leave it to the students and faculty at Virginia Tech to decide whether the first policy makes them feel safe, knowing the second.

To those who have to endure such frightening detachment from reality at VT, I'd suggest you join the protest.  And shout with everything ya got:

For the victims of Cho Seung-hui and Virginia Tech "violence prevention policies," we say ...


It Comes Down To This

When in human history has such a headline been written?

Obama's anti-energy agenda kills jobs

A president. Of the United States of America. With an anti-energy policy. That most assuredly kills American jobs.

Yet such we have.

May God have mercy on us.

Let Freedom Ring

The Tea Party, the revival of the concept of citizenship, and the ever-present reality that smacks us in the face each day - that reality being the fact that there are a whole lot of people out there - many now sitting in their own feces in a park in New York City - who want our possessions and want us dead - will have this effect on public perception of "our first freedom":

From Gallup:
Record-Low 26% in U.S. Favor Handgun BanSupport for stricter gun laws in general is lowest Gallup has measuredby Jeffrey M. Jones

Princeton, NJ -- A record-low 26% of Americans favor a legal ban on the possession of handguns in the United States other than by police and other authorized people. When Gallup first asked Americans this question in 1959, 60% favored banning handguns. But since 1975, the majority of Americans have opposed such a measure, with opposition around 70% in recent years.

Our freedom to keep and bear arms. That freedom that secures all others.

Here's to you, my bruthas.

Reality Comes To 'Occupy Wall Street'

What happens to their world when those who "occupy Wall Street" - who are content to talk in the abstract about "the rich" and their "paying their fair share" and "giving back to those less fortunate" - meet one of those "one-percenters" who's prepared top engage them in debate?

Peter Schiff, CEO and chief global strategist of Euro Pacific Capital Inc., and regular TV commentator, goes to the den of thieves and starts asking questions.

This is absolutely fascinating:

He doesn't get any straight answers but the way he cracks the Leftist worldview - and does it so easily - is a wonder to behold.

The moment of truth: Mr. Schiff tells the crowd gathered around him, in response to their telling him he needs to pay his fair share: "I'm probably paying more income taxes than everyone around me combined. So I'm paying more than my fair share now."

The reality in this debate?  The rabble don't want fairness. They want what others have without having to earn it.  It's that simple.

Not a bad trick. If you can get away with it.

Says The Man/Woman Who Disrespects The Human Species:

'I was called a basketball, a penguin and an Ewok': Chaz Bono blasts 'disrespectful' Dancing with the Stars judges for bullying him over his weight.


That Was Then ...

"Throughout the first year of this campaign, against all predictions to the contrary, we saw how hungry the American people were for this message of unity."
-- Candidate Barack Obama, March, 2008 --

"Obama was hailed as a healing president, promising peace and harmony. What we have seen, however, is a president distinctively divisive on racial issues, and instigating class warfare. His actions are a prescription for a violent revolution."
-- Mercer Tyson, October, 2011 --

All I Can Say Is ...

... no shit:

Hoyer on Outcome of Deficit Super Committee: 'I'm Not Optimistic'

The bald truth? Even those who came up with this bit of idiocy knew it wouldn't work. And they went with it anyway.

It was, you see, so much easier than governing responsibly.

Quote of the Day

From James Taranto:
Here's ABC News, reporting on the speech the president gave in Fog City: "At a million-dollar San Francisco fundraiser today, President Obama warned his recession-battered supporters that if he loses the 2012 election it could herald a new, painful era of self-reliance in America."

Oh no! Horror of horrors! Obama is the only thing standing between us and having to rely on ourselves! And do you know what they call people who rely on themselves?


Obama explicitly rejects the American ethos of self-reliance. He sees dependence on government not as an evil, if sometimes a necessary one, but as a goal to be pursued.
In a democracy the people get what they ask for.  Ain't no complainin'.  We asked for this.

May God have mercy, we asked for this.

Giving Credit Where Credit's Due

I saw a brief segment on TV the other night that showed a campaign ad put out by the Democratic National Committee and being run in Las Vegas (which has been decimated by home foreclosures) that featured a clip of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney answering a reporter's question about the foreclosure issue.  The thrust of the hit piece was - in so many words - how could Romney be so heartless and cruel to all those people out there who are losing their homes?

I looked at Paula and said, "actually Romney's right; Obama trying to "help" those homeowners who are "under water" with their mortgages has only prolonged and worsened the problem."

The Wall Street Journal, as it turns out, agrees with me this morning:
Romney's Finest Hour
He speaks the truth about housing and foreclosures.

A friend of ours quipped recently that Mitt Romney could do his Presidential candidacy a lot of good if he took even a single position that is unpopular in the polls. Well, we can report that he has done that on housing policy, that he's being pummeled for it, and that it may be his finest campaign hour. It also contrasts favorably with the latest temporary, ad hoc and futile housing effort from President Obama.

Campaigning last week in Nevada, the epicenter of the housing bust, Mr. Romney was asked by the Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial board what he would do about housing and foreclosures. His reply:

"One is, don't try and stop the foreclosure process. Let it run its course and hit the bottom. Allow investors to buy homes, put renters in them, fix the homes up. Let it turn around and come back up. The Obama Administration has slow-walked the foreclosure processes that have long existed, and as a result we still have a foreclosure overhang."

How's that for refreshing? After five years of politicians trying without success to postpone disclosures and levitate the housing market, Mr. Romney dared to tell the truth. Parts of the U.S., including Nevada, still have too many homes, and that supply needs to be sold off and fixed up so the market can find a bottom before home prices can start to rise again. The faster that process proceeds, the faster the recovery will take hold.

For this apostasy, Mr. Romney is getting whacked by the Democratic National Committee in a 30-second TV ad that first aired Tuesday in Arizona: "Almost half of Arizona homeowners underwater. Foreclosures everywhere. And what's Mitt Romney's plan?" the ad intones. Then it quotes Mr. Romney: "Don't try and stop the foreclosure process. Let it run its course and hit the bottom.'"

The attack ad doesn't quote the second part of Mr. Romney's Las Vegas answer, which spoke another truth: "Number two, the credit [that] was given to first time homebuyers was insufficient and inadequate to turn around the housing market. I think it was an ineffective idea. It was a little bit like the cash-for-clunkers program, throwing government money at something which was not market-oriented, did not staunch the decline in home values anymore than it encouraged the auto industry to take off."

All of these government plans used taxpayer cash to forestall foreclosures in an attempt to stop housing prices from falling from their manic heights. How's that working out? Five years into the housing bust, the U.S. still has 10.9 million "underwater" borrowers, whose homes are worth less than the original purchase price. States like Florida, Nevada and New Jersey have long foreclosure backlogs, and home prices still haven't begun to recover in much of the country.

Mr. Romney's advice to let the foreclosure and resale process take its course as rapidly as possible until the market finds a "bottom" couldn't possibly do any worse than the Obama Administration and its frenetic attempts to "save" homeowners have done. To the extent that it encourages a faster recovery it is also more compassionate. As the nearby chart shows, while the fall in home prices has been painful for current owners, it has also made housing far more affordable for new buyers. [link]
As it turns out, Obama's "help" has greatly hurt millions of homeowners in this country as property values continue to decline and home values become worth less than the amounts owed on them.

Obama and his ilk score big points by attacking smart policy.  As the country - following his policies - will soon be into its fourth year of massive unemployment, economic stagnation, and crushing debt.

If Obama wins in 2012, it won't be because he did anything right.  It'll be because he came up with nice attack ads.

As the United States of America slowly sinks into third-world status ...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Senate Candidate Comes To Town

An announcement from the Roanoke Tea Party:
Roanoke Tea Party welcomes E.W. Jackson
Come hear US Senate candidate Jackson in Roanoke on October 27 

When E.W. Jackson announced his candidacy for the US Senate race in 2012, his resume marked him as an unusually accomplished man.
● US Marine veteran
● Summa Cum Laude, University of MA
● Harvard Law School Graduate
● Harvard Divinity School Graduate
● Published author
● Business owner
● Law school professor
● Pastor
● TV commentator

Members of the Roanoke Tea Party board had a chance to meet with Jackson this past summer, and spoke with him at some length about a wide variety of issues. While we didn't each find him in 100% agreement with all our personal pet concerns, we found him to be a sincere student and determined protector of our Constitution as written and amended, willing to go out on a limb to speak the truth about where our federal government has gone wrong.

On top of that, he is a passionate speaker and a fearless advocate for his positions.

Since that time, we have been looking for a chance to bring him to speak in Roanoke, and are pleased to announce his appearance at the Holiday Inn Tanglewood this Thursday (October 27) at 6:00 p.m. All are invited, and there is no cost to attend.

Members of the media are also invited, and Jackson has agreed to stay and speak with anyone who would like a moment of his time.

His chances of beating George Allen for the Republican nomination may appear slim at this point, with the establishment Republicans falling in line behind George Allen. Still, we feel that a vigorous primary is the best way to select the strongest candidates, and urge Roanoke Valley residents, regardless of party, to take advantage of this opportunity to hear his message.

In Roanoke, Jackson will address topics of interest to all Virginians: jobs, education, health care, national security and government spending. You can also expect to hear a stinging rebuke to George Allen for agreeing to debate the expected Democratic candidate months prior to the Republican primary being held.

He will also entertain questions from those in attendance.

Please plan to join us on October 27. Bring an open mind and heart, and consider whether E.W. Jackson isn't exactly the sort of man we should send to the US Senate.
For more information on Bishop Jackson, go here.

Take Heed Of The Friends He Keeps

I don't really care which Republican you folks up in Roanoke vote for.  But you might consider this.

Senate candidate Brandon Bell walks with friends who bring with them a lot of baggage.

Particularly two former senators who were, in 2004, Republicans in name only.

Just sayin'.

Obama's 'Bankruptcy' Plan Working

Workers in Russell and Giles Counties to soon be laid off.  To reduce already infinitesimally small levels of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide in the atmosphere infinitesimally

May Obama soon be laid off as a result.

Party Time!

I'm thinking of taking a week off and going to New York on vacation.

For the gourmet meals, free booze, and drug­fueled parties.

"Occupy Wall Street," here I come!

"Occupy Wall Street organizers say legitimate protesters like these are being overrun by released Rikers inmates and derelicts ..."

Inmates and derelicts.  Best reality show on television.

I've Got a Bad Feeling

I am really not getting the man's say-nothing approach to the issues of the day:

Romney steers clear of Ohio health, union issues

Iran To Nuke Oklahoma In Five Minutes; Romney Thinks It Wise To Steer Clear of The Issue.

Good grief.

* Paula asked me the other day if Mitt Romney has an economic "plan" like Herman Cain, Ron Paul, and Rick Perry do.  I answered, honestly, "I don't know."

Incompetence Or Job Abandonment?

I asked the other day, as Obama's "jobs" tour around the country entered its second month, if the man - our president - the leader of the free world - didn't have something better to do than ride around in a bus and make campaign speeches.

As it so happens, he did:

Report: Obama, Biden did nothing while talks with Iraqi officials over troop levels faltered

Question(s): Who will be the last American to die in what's now an abandoned cause and will that death come before or after Obama gets off that damned bus and starts doing the job the American people are paying him to do?

Interesting Perspective

On what's become the European Union, Glenn Reynolds:

"The E.U. was always a project of elites, who want to reestablish a modern version of the transnational aristocracy that Europe had prior to World War I. They weren’t big on popular votes when they seemed to have things under control; they surely don’t want one now."

Ah, the good old days ...

60,000,000 slaughtered Europeans later, the "elites" want to resurrect the glory days.

Why not.

Are You An 'Occupy Wall Street' Supporter?

Own it.

Got a Sheepskin? Big Whoop.

I read the headline ...

NCAA grad rate hits all-time high at 82 percent

... and yawned.

These days graduation is guaranteed at admission.  One only wonders if the 18% who didn't get a degree all went to prison.

That's how pathetically easy it is these days.  Case in point:
Did Utah Valley University fire business prof for being too tough?
BY Brian Maffly, The Salt Lake Tribune

Business scholar Steven Maranville left a tenured appointment with the University of Houston to teach at Utah Valley University two years ago, but officials fired him after a one-year probationary period when they concluded his teaching did not suit their students.

According to a lawsuit filed Oct. 14 in U.S. District Court, Maranville’s lawyers allege UVU administrators justified the dismissal based on student complaints that his “capstone” course in business strategies was too rigorous and his Socratic style intimidated them.

“A number of students liked him a lot and said so. The brass came in and liked what he was doing. [Maranville] wanted students to get together in small groups and chew over the topics they were studying,” said his attorney, Robert Sykes. “They get him up here and toss him under the bus because some of the students wanted high school.” [link]
This professor made the mistake of grading students on their performance in his classroom.  Rather than on his students' ability to suck air, tie their shoelaces, and pay their tuition.

Remember Saint Regis University?  A scandal erupted when it was learned that that particular institution of higher learning was offering diplomas to anyone who was willing to pay for one.  Sight - and effort - unseen.

The only difference between Saint Regis and every other college in America today?  There's only one.  Saint Regis no longer exists.  The others are out there cranking out diplomas for the asking.  By the hundreds of thousands.

Flunked high school?  Got fired from McDonald's because you couldn't read a cash register with little pictures of hamburgers and fries on the keys?  Got 80,000 bucks?  Come on down!  We have an advanced degree in molecular science/knit-and-purl stitching for you!

On Liberals & The Conservatives They Like

James Taranto provides definition:

"David Brooks is the New York Times's idea of a reasonable conservative. A conservative would describe him as the kind of liberal who admired Barack Obama more in 2008 than he does today."

My experience with "reasonable conservatives" has shown me that they can be counted on to believe and accept  - at any given time - anything.

Reasonable?  You decide.

As Expected

Employers - BIG EMPLOYERS - are dumping hourly people from their insurance rolls.

This one's particularly noteworthy in that the employer, Wal-Mart, went in big for ObamaCare when it was being debated:
Everyday Low Benefits
Wal-Mart workers pay for the retailer's ObamaCare embrace.
Wall Street Journal editorial

When Wal-Mart endorsed President Obama's health-care plan in 2009, CEO Mike Duke said it did so "to remove the burden that is crushing America's businesses and hampering our competitiveness in the global economy." That doesn't seem to be working out too well—for all Americans, and especially for Wal-Mart's employees.

Last week the largest private U.S. employer announced that it would no longer offer health coverage to part-time workers and would sharply increase premiums for its other "associates."

Wal-Mart says the changes are a response to climbing health-care costs, not the Affordable Care Act per se, though even this is an indictment: The bill that the company claimed would help isn't helping. But Wal-Mart's errant political judgment is less important than what its crash benefits diet says about the future of employer-sponsored insurance.

Under the company's new policy, new workers who put in fewer than 24 hours a week on average won't qualify for any Wal-Mart health plan, while those under 33 hours won't be able to add a spouse. Other premiums and deductibles will jump in 2012, some by as much as 40%.

That and other concessions were part of Wal-Mart's mid-2000s campaign to placate its liberal critics, a bid that reached its apotheosis in its embrace of ObamaCare. Mr. Duke's 2009 endorsement was co-signed by Andy Stern of the Service Employees International Union and John Podesta of the Center for American Progress, the Obama Administration's outside political-policy shop. Expect these political friends with benefits to turn on Wal-Mart now as it is forced into more such triage to manage its health costs, like the rest of the business world.

Wal-Mart's benefit drawdown is especially worrisome if it is a prelude to a taxpayer hand-off. For decades the federal tax preference for job-based health benefits has eroded take-home wages and redirected business capital away from, say, hiring.

It's hard to miss the irony in the Obama health-care revolution eating its own children, but other business leaders looking on agog at the brave new insurance world that Wal-Mart helped to create probably have another word for it. [link]
There is more than a small amount of irony in this.  Those who thought ObamaCare was a neat idea should applaud this move by Wal-Mart to capitalize on the provisions of the health care monstrosity that it - and they - helped to create at the expense of those in the marketplace most vulnerable and least able to afford the expense on their own.

Wal-Mart has dumped its part-timers from its health care plan.  Liberals should rejoice.

Huffington Post & Its Fools & Rakish Clowns

This I've come to expect from the loons on the Left:
Actor Steven Weber at HuffPo Demands 'Nuremberg-Scale Trial' for Conservatives
By Jack Coleman, NewsBusters

... and the envelope please for Most Unhinged Rant at The Huffington Post, from among the hundreds of nominees ...

After insulting Republican presidential candidates, Weber comes to the overwrought point of his screed. A word to the wise: avoid ingesting any beverage while reading what's to follow (emphasis added) --

"The scale of Right Wing sociopolitical sabotage necessitates a Nuremberg-scale trial for all the corporate agents and treasonous capitalisto-fascist architects of our democracy's current and most pressing misery. From the blatant Republican doublespeak emanating from think-tank sponsored word doctors to the outright obstruction and lies expectorated by Republican congressional representatives and senators, the very concept of governance can only be considered once the culprits are removed. Driven to real madness by unadulterated greed they have embraced an ideology, the success of which hinges upon the very ruin of this nation."  [link]
I can't speak for all my fellow treasonous, capitalisto-fascist, right-wing sociopolical saboteurs, but I think this dude's writing is a tad on the silly side.  And ... what's the word ... overwrought?


Freaking stupid.

I had no idea who this "actor Steven Weber" was, so I turned to his Huffington Post bio.  There I found  this:

"Best known for having played a string of affable, rakish fools and affable, quirky sociopaths, in a logical next step Steven Weber has most recently been playing ..."

Okay. Now I get it. He's a (washed-up) fool and sociopath who, long ago, played a fool and a sociopath on TV.

Got it.

I suppose, for just a moment, I should take his threat seriously.  Fine.

To the rakish fool I offer up this challenge: You want to put us on trial?

Bring it.  Clown.

And Speaking of Hollywood Twits

There's this moron who calls for liberals to kill Sarah Palin.

With enemies like these ...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Your Tax Dollars At Work

Take a look at this photo of Hillary Clinton touring a General Motors plant on Sunday.  She looks rather proud of the assembly line workers hammering out their wares, no?

The fact that the plant is in Uzbekistan and the workers are all Muslims, well, hey, don't be so ... snippy.  Yeah, it's your tax dollars that are keeping the boys there employed, but look on the bright side:

At least now we know where all those jobs Obama promised us were saved or created.

Photo courtesy of Reuters.

'Occupy Wall Street,' Just An Offshoot of the Tea Party

A recent headline says a lot about the headliner:

Obama Compares Occupy Wall St. To Tea Party: ‘I Understand The Frustrations’

An odd comparison.

I don't remember those tens of thousands of Tea Party patriots who gathered hundreds of times in cities across this land venting their frustrations by raping 14-year old girls.

"Occupy Wall Street" isn't a gathering of frustrated souls.  It's a freak show.

All their sorry asses ought to be locked up.

Tying The Democrats In Knots

I wonder what the "Code Pink" wing of the Democratic Party thinks of the latest news out of the Obama administration.

No sooner had this headline appeared ...

Hillary Clinton hails 'Libya's victory'

... than the details of that victory began to emerge:
Libya’s NTC under fire over killings
By Borzou Daragahi and James Blitz, Financial Times

Libya’s National Transitional Council came under mounting pressure on Monday to explain the behaviour of its forces on the ground after a human rights group said it had discovered the bodies of 53 pro-Gaddafi loyalists at a hotel in the city of Sirte.

In a development that raises renewed questions about how tight a grip the NTC has on militia groups, Human Rights Watch said the victims – some of whom had their hands bound – appeared to have been killed a week ago.

Announcing the discovery of the 53 bodies, Peter Bouckaert, HRW’s emergencies director, said: “Some had their hands bound behind their backs when they were shot. [link]
Said our former cookie baker-in-chief of Libya's "victory":

"I am proud to stand here on the soil of a free Tripoli and on behalf of the American people I congratulate Libya. This is Libya's moment, this is Libya's victory, the future belongs to you."

Well, those of "you" who survive the death squads anyway.

We are to be proud of this ... accomplishment, right?

Obama: I Can't Do Two Things At The Same Time

There's some logic in this. I don't see it. But it must be there:
Obama: My 'Drawdown in Iraq Allowed Us' to Get Bin Laden
By Terence P. Jeffrey, CNS News

(CNSNews.com) - In statements delivered Friday and Saturday, President Barack Obama said it was his drawdown of U.S. troops in Iraq that allowed the U.S. to "refocus" on al Qaeda and get Osama bin Laden.

However, according to a report published by the New York Times on May 3, crucial intelligence that allowed the U.S.
to locate Bin Laden came from an al Qaeda operative who had been captured by U.S. forces in 2004 in Iraq.

"The drawdown in Iraq allowed us to refocus our fight against al Qaeda and achieve major victories against its leadership--including Osama bin Laden," Obama said in a speech at the White House on Friday announcing that all U.S. troops would leave Iraq by the end of the year. [link]
That explains why Obama hasn't created a job in this country in three years.  He was focused on Iraq.  And he can't focus on more than one thing at a time.

Maybe now ...

When Gov"t Tries To Outdo The Corporate World

This would be laughable if it weren't for the fact that I paid for the colossal mess:
Error: USAJobs.gov
Wall Street Journal editorial

Americans in search of federal employment can go to a website called USAJobs.gov, which matches openings with applicants. Since 2004, the feds have outsourced the site's operation to Monster.com. Good call by whoever was in charge in 2004. Monster.com is the private company that pioneered employment websites and is today the largest job search engine in the world.

But 18 months ago the "smart" Obama Office of Personnel Management decided the federal government could do a better job of running USAJobs.gov. It spent some $6 million developing a new in-house version of the site, promising to improve the job-search experience. It unveiled its creation two weeks ago. It's a monster all right.

The volume of requests instantly crushed government servers, slowed the system and locked out thousands of applicants. Naturally, the site has a Facebook page. Naturally, the comment queue is boiling over. Examples:

"Why am I having to do the same search 3 times before anything shows up?" "Over one week now and I still haven't received my password reset email!!" "USAJOBS WEB SITE IS A DISASTER!" "I entered Delaware and got Germany jobs and all of the Forest Service."

Director John Berry says job seekers will get an additional three weeks to meet application deadlines. Monster.com has graciously offered to host free job postings for federal agencies for 30 days, as the government reboots its "improved" website. Better yet, the Obama team could turn over fixing USAJobs to the folks at Occupy Wall Street. [link]
I'd bet a dollar to a donut that site construction was contracted out to one of Obama's big donors.  So it isn't all bad.  Right?

Our president got what he wanted, right?

To Get You Going

Everybody, sing it with me!

Buy, Buy American Pie

And try to maintain a smile.

Monday, October 24, 2011


The Roanoke Times is at it again.  It's in high dudgeon mode.  Indignation flows.


Because our loser of a United States senator, James Webb, recently proposed that a special federal commission be assembled to study the criminal justice system and his fellow legislators chose to ignore him and keep to matters of importance.

But no.  The Times sees far more nefarious motives. Partisanship:
Bipartisan study falls victim to partisan buffoonery

Was it delusion or deliberate spite that caused the defeat last week of Sen. Jim Webb's study of the nation's criminal justice system?

No other plausible explanations present themselves for the rejection of a bipartisan commission the Virginia Democrat hoped would generate recommendations for reducing the cost to taxpayers for antiquated prisons that are inhumane and ineffective in improving public safety.

Webb's legislation fell three votes shy of the 60 needed for passage in the U.S. Senate on Thursday. [link]
"No other plausible explanations present themselves"?  Heck, I can think of three.

1) Instituting major reforms that benefit convicted criminals (which is what this is all about - our awful prison system) is about as high on the list of America's priorities as is the federal government's correcting the word dumb so that it can be more easily spelled by dum people.  Our prisons aren't fair to the murderers, rapists, thieves, and pedophiles warehoused therein?   Yeah, let's find a place on our list of 18,422 problems that America is facing today for that really important crisis.

2) Webb isn't interested in merely reforming the federal prison system.  He wants to reform every system down to juvenile justice, which, according to my Constitution, is none of his business if he's acting in the role of United States senator.

3) It is said that it was a commission that designed this:

Need I say more?

"Delusion"?  "Spite"?  How about the government determined that it had better things to do.


I Wonder

Virginia Tech officials opened their arms last night to the celebration of Hinduism on its campus.


To what extent, I wonder, would those same officials be willing to go to honor the life and works of Jesus Christ.

But ... but ... but ...

Actually, I don't wonder.

The Best Reality TV Money Can Buy

It's called "Occupy Wall Street."

Remember when the "Survivor" TV series went to Palau and its contestants had to compete with one another for prizes amid pestilence and filth and disease and slime and stink and bugs and rodents and privation?

Shoot, it doesn't hold a candle in entertainment value to this:
Health expert condemns park rats
New York Post

Close this pigpen!

Filth-ridden Zuccotti Park is a breeding ground for bacterial infection loaded with potential health-code violations that pose a major risk to the public, an expert who inspected the area warned.

“It’s like Walmart for rats,’’ Wayne Yon, an expert on city health regulations, said yesterday.

“There’s a lack of sanitation, a lack of controls for hot and cold water,” Yon said. He saw at least 15 violations of the city’s health code -- the type that would easily shut down a food establishment.

He noted the lack of lavatory facilities, as neighbors repeatedly complain about protesters defecating in the area and the stench of urine.

Yon also pointed to unsanitary conditions in wash bins for cleaning food utensils.

“It looks extraordinarily dirty, and [the bin] should be changed once it starts to get dirty,” said Yon, who works for EHA Consulting Group Inc. Then he pointed to a pigeon in a tree right above where the protesters were washing dishes.

“There’s no overhead coverings. Pigeons are basically vermin,” Yon said.

He said there’s inadequate hand washing, the No. 1 culprit for food-borne illnesses in restaurants. [link]
The contestants aren't required to wash their hands?  At least those living in the jungles of Palua had to maintain certain standards of civilization.

I wonder if they'll televise the plague that is soon to hit Zucotti Park.  In living color.

I'm really getting into this.

I watched a small part of ABC's "Pan Am" not long ago.  All I can say is, thank God for "Occupy Wall Street."