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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Advice For Adam Light: Pick Your Fights

What's not to like about 38th District Republican Senate candidate Adam Light?

He's right on education.

He's right on guns.

He's right on taxes.

He's right on energy.

Jobs and the economy.

Right to life of the soon-to-be-born.

Best of all, he ain't a damn Democrat like his opponent, Phil Puckett.

Problem is, Adam Light is going to lose in November.

And it won't even be close.


Because, Adam, sometimes a guy can be too right.

I literally cringed when I heard this radio spot (fashioned as a TV ad as well) going down the road the other day.  It was created and put out by the "Phillip Puckett for Senate" campaign. It is, heartbreakingly, a simple compilation of words spoken by Mr. Light in the past.  (Click on the little arrow to play the video.)*

And grieve with me:

Says Mr. Light: "Things like Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, it is time, it is time to start phasing those programs out. We gotta phase 'em out. In all fairness, my end goal would be that."

For the love of God.

Adam.  Adam.

You're running for state Senate.  Social Security?  Medicare?   Any thoughts on Fed policy?  Darfur?  Guantanamo?  NASA?

And of all things that you will have no control over - Social Security?

Social Security?????

First lesson learned in Politician 101: W-I-N.

You're not going to win by attacking a bedrock program like social security, a program guaranteed - whether you like it or not - to every American alive today, in a district that, demographically, skews powerfully toward the elderly, in a district and a country where the elderly vote in disproportionate numbers.

You've now scared the crap out of the largest voting bloc in Southwest Virginia.

Barry Goldwater once said, "I'd rather be right than president."

Who's Barry Goldwater, you ask?

Point made.

Let it be noted for the history books, Barry Goldwater got both his wishes.  He turned out to be right.  And he achieved a landslide for his opponent.

Jobs and prosperity, man.  Depopulation.  Crushing economic depression. Government regulation.  The breakdown of the nuclear family.  Drugs.  Drugs.  Drugs.   And an opponent who votes in favor of a heavier tax burden on business and households at every turn.

Experience - and a lack thereof - will make the difference in this election.

Too bad.  Adam Light is so right on the issues upon which he might have made a difference.

* I run the risk of assuming that the Puckett campaign didn't alter or truncate the recording(s) played here.