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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Brain Cavity For Rent

Currently unoccupied.

Everyone's heard by now the sad news that Steve Jobs has died.  Though I'm getting a little unsettled by all the over-the-top grief and hand-wringing that have accompanied his passing - the kind of mourning we reserve for planet-changers like Princess Diana and Lucille Ball - his departure is a blow to entrepreneurs everywhere.

As it is to global capitalism.

For Steve Jobs was not just an inventor. He was a business man. And a darn good carnival huckster too, I add in an admiring fellow businessman sorta way. Maybe not first and foremost, but second and almost foremost, Steve Jobs was a capitalist. And one of the richest dudes on earth.

Which brings us to the empty-headed "Occupy Wall Street" crowd. They apparently are mourning his passing too. Figure this "tweet" out:

The anti-capitalist world grieves for the loss of one of the most successful capitalists in history.

Suppose someday they'll wake up with a clue?

Hat tip to Michelle Malkin.