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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Cause & Effect

I'm reminded of how liberals do their level best to drive oil prices up and then decry the price poor people will have to pay for home heating oil come wintertime. Does that make sense? Not on this planet.

Along the same lines, remember that Roanoke Times story from not long ago about certain sections of the city of Roanoke, Virginia being "food deserts"?  (A food desert being defined in the article as being "an area where residents are poor, lack transportation and have no supermarkets nearby to supply healthy food choices.")

The conservative response to such a circumstance: Clean up that section of town, make it inviting to capital, and it'll correct itself.  You'll have more "healthy food" than you can ever need.  Or pack your bags and move.

The liberal response: We need to feed those poor slobs.  Let's set up a government-run soup kitchen.

What you'll never read as a liberal response to the plight of the poor?  The best solution of all.

See "Dems Say No Thanks to Walmart Offer to Eliminate Food Desert."

A Wal-mart?! With all its low-priced food?!  Can't be having that.

Let the poor bastards starve.

How do you deal with idiots like these?