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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Driving Force Behind 'Occupy Wall Street'

The real world.

Andy Kessler makes sense of the ... movement:
Maybe this is all really about disappointment. I spoke to a young woman who had clearly bathed more recently than most. I asked her why she was at OccupySF. She told me she'd done all the right things. Studied hard. Graduated college. (She was an art major.) And now she can't get a job. It didn't matter. It's all messed up. She was lied to.

Of course she was. She's a member of the Trophy Generation. Win or lose, you get a trophy. We embraced mediocrity to an entire generation of kids during good times who are now finding themselves mediocre in bad times. There still is that American dream: Go to college, get a job, buy a Prius. But like it or not, studying art or humanities or gender studies won't get you there. Marissa Mayer at Google complains she can't find enough computer-science majors. Civil engineers are getting hired sight unseen.

Educating the whole child was bad advice. So was follow your passion.
An art major is upset because she can't find a job.

Which probably isn't the whole story.  This gal could find work, but it would be the kind of work that's beneath an art major.  The kind of work her kind leave to illegal Mexicans.

No.  Won't be doin' that.

So she and her fellow shit-for-brains "occupiers" sit in a park or on a street corner and wait for someone to come along and keep handing them that which they had been handed their entire lives to that point.  And they whine non-stop about the unfairness of it all.

I gotta tell you, if these are tomorrow's leaders, I worry for our country.