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Monday, October 10, 2011

A Formula For Failure

I've never quite understood the logic that seems to drive liberals to do stupid things when it comes to our economy. The crux of the ... thinking ... behind which goes like this:

1) The government pulls huge sums of money out of the marketplace in the form of taxes.
2) The government then skims a large portion off the top to pay for the skimmers and allocators in the government.
3) The government finally returns the remainder to the marketplace by allocating it to certain blessed entities in that marketplace.

That's supposed to work?

Oh, and there's a (3a): The government looks at its fat-cat donor list to see who it's going to bless with that cash.

Which explains our permanent 9% unemployment problem.

And Solyndra.

Isn't there a better way for capital to be allocated?

Like maybe the way it was done for a hundred years - the hundred years in which America prospered like no other country in the history of the planet?

Guess not.

Obama and his Democrats have a better way of doing it.

Or not.

That Solyndra debacle? It involves far more than just a sorry miscalculation. It prevented professionals from making investment decisions that might have succeeded and ... actually created jobs.

The Wall Street Journal this morning:
When government takes $535 million and invests in a loser, it not only wastes taxpayer money but it also denies that capital to some other project in the private economy that might have succeeded. The Solyndra emails show how ill-equipped government is to predict the industries of the present, much less the future.
Bottom line: When investors make bad decisions, they go broke. When politicians make bad investment decisions, they run for reelection on gay issues.

There is something seriously wrong with that.

Oh, I see Obama is talking gay issues ...