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Thursday, October 06, 2011

George Will To Collectivists Everywhere

Not that they have any real interest in the truth. From "Elizabeth Warren and liberalism, twisting the ‘social contract’":
Society — hundreds of millions of people making billions of decisions daily — is a marvel of spontaneous order among individuals in voluntary cooperation. Government facilitates this cooperation with roads, schools, police, etc. — and by getting out of its way. This is a sensible, dynamic, prosperous society’s “underlying social contract.”
Or maybe we're all just too stupid and need government to get us through each day.

If Obama and his ilk can get us down to making, say, fifteen decisions daily, rather than billions, then we needn't worry about our future.  We're then in the hands of the really smart people who gave us Solyndra.  And ObamaCare.  And the curlicue light bulb.  And ...