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Monday, October 03, 2011

Good Grief

A Republican presidential candidate playing the race card?


We expect this kind of gutter politics from Democrats.  But not from you, Herman:
Cain: Perry insensitive over name of hunting camp
The Associated Press

Washington (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain on Sunday criticized rival Rick Perry as being insensitive for not acting sooner in removing the racially offensive name from a rock outside the Texas hunting camp his family once leased.

Perry's campaign countered that Perry's father painted over the rock to cover the name, Niggerhead, soon after he began leasing the site in the early 1980s. While the Texas governor later joined the lease, neither he nor his family ever controlled, owned or managed the property, the campaign said in a statement.

The Washington Post reported Sunday that the origins of the name were unclear and there was no definitive account for when and how the name first appeared on a large, flat rock at the gated entrance to the Throckmorton County property. In recent photos the word is mostly obscured by white paint, the Post reported.

Cain, the only black Republican in the presidential race, accused Perry of insensitivity when asked about the report on Sunday news programs.

"Since Gov. Perry has been going there for years to hunt, I think that it shows a lack of sensitivity for a long time of not taking that word off of that rock and renaming the place," he told ABC's "This Week."

"Yes, it was painted over," he said. "But how long ago was it painted over? So I'm still saying that it is a sign of insensitivity." [link]
This is painful.

The Washington Post - it of Macaca fame - to its everlasting shame - fashions a story out of nothing - one intended to injure, not to inform - and Herman Cain takes the bait.

Rick Perry is guilty of having a father.  Damn him to hell.

Come on, Herman.  They pull this underhanded stuff.  We don't.

If you're angling for the Democrat vote, please go over to their side.

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There's more on the Washington Post's dastardly deeds here.

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From Ann Althouse:

"Lots of photos of Perry having nothing whatsoever to do with this story, and not a single one of the rock. Well done, WP!"

Hey, this kind of sleaze got Jim Webb elected (see "macaca" above).  So don't discount the effort on the part of the Post to win the next election for its best bud.