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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Got a Sheepskin? Big Whoop.

I read the headline ...

NCAA grad rate hits all-time high at 82 percent

... and yawned.

These days graduation is guaranteed at admission.  One only wonders if the 18% who didn't get a degree all went to prison.

That's how pathetically easy it is these days.  Case in point:
Did Utah Valley University fire business prof for being too tough?
BY Brian Maffly, The Salt Lake Tribune

Business scholar Steven Maranville left a tenured appointment with the University of Houston to teach at Utah Valley University two years ago, but officials fired him after a one-year probationary period when they concluded his teaching did not suit their students.

According to a lawsuit filed Oct. 14 in U.S. District Court, Maranville’s lawyers allege UVU administrators justified the dismissal based on student complaints that his “capstone” course in business strategies was too rigorous and his Socratic style intimidated them.

“A number of students liked him a lot and said so. The brass came in and liked what he was doing. [Maranville] wanted students to get together in small groups and chew over the topics they were studying,” said his attorney, Robert Sykes. “They get him up here and toss him under the bus because some of the students wanted high school.” [link]
This professor made the mistake of grading students on their performance in his classroom.  Rather than on his students' ability to suck air, tie their shoelaces, and pay their tuition.

Remember Saint Regis University?  A scandal erupted when it was learned that that particular institution of higher learning was offering diplomas to anyone who was willing to pay for one.  Sight - and effort - unseen.

The only difference between Saint Regis and every other college in America today?  There's only one.  Saint Regis no longer exists.  The others are out there cranking out diplomas for the asking.  By the hundreds of thousands.

Flunked high school?  Got fired from McDonald's because you couldn't read a cash register with little pictures of hamburgers and fries on the keys?  Got 80,000 bucks?  Come on down!  We have an advanced degree in molecular science/knit-and-purl stitching for you!