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Monday, October 31, 2011

Herman Cain Accused of Doing a Clinton

Only no laws were broken and no women raped this time.

Bill Clinton is lauded - by his buddies in the press - for being the best president ever.

I wonder if they'll see the accusations of harassment as being something of no consequence this time.

Sure they will.

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Glenn Reynolds: "Well, the press didn’t spend much time looking into the past of the last black guy who looked like he might be President, so they’re putting a lot more effort into it this time. . . ."

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As this heats up, it's worth remembering two things about Bill Clinton's ... escapades in his earlier life.  (1) He was not accused of inappropriate behavior; he was accused of rape.  Among a host of other serious charges. (2) The media took those allegations and ignored them (attacking the accusers instead).  "Stick to the issues.  Stick to the issues."