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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

He's As Mixed Up As They Are

That protest movement "that's sweeping across the country," the one that has no real meaning and is being pushed along by a bunch of kids with no clue, couldn't get any more ridiculous.

Well, yes it can.

Picture a fat, rich dude joining the protesters, denouncing fat rich dudes.

That's right.  Michael Moore, in all his expansive glory, stepped out of his limousine long enough to denounce ... the rich.  And then drove on.

This is better than Comedy Central.

- - -

The "movement" has become such a farce that even Alan Colmes, he as liberal as they come, was rejecting the effort on his radio show last night, saying - in so many words - nobody knows what it is they are protesting, this, that, and everything else; get back to me when they come up with a reason for being.

Yet the media take the kids seriously ...