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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

In West Virginia, The Chant Goes Up ...

... More of the Same!  More of the Same!  More of the Same!

Democrat Earl Ray Tomblin wins West Virginia special election

And yet again the chant goes up:

Mississippi is still worse! Mississippi is still worse! Mississippi is still worse!

Some folks in Virginia's wayward western counties (they prefer to call their section of the Commonwealth "West Virginia") refer to their poverty-plagued region as "The Panhandle State."

And, from the result obtained in yesterday's election - another election, another Democrat put in charge, one of many over the last sixty years, more poverty, more degradation, more ... panhandling,  they seem to take pride in that motto.

It took them a lot of hard work over the years to get them to 49th place.  May they take satisfaction in their achievement.