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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Is The Washington Post a 'Newspaper'?

Or is it a slanted political broadsheet?

A blurb from its ombudsman, Patrick B. Pexton, pretty much sums it up, in "Did The Post story do right by the Koch brothers?"
Post Business Editor Greg Schneider said he “was aware” before republication that “the piece had stirred up some reaction, but we look to highlight work that is provocative.

I think newspapers should always be provocative. But they should also be fair and provide context.
Is it the role of newspapers to be provocative?  Or to be news papers?

Secondly, considering its shameful macaca provocations, its Niggerhead provocation, and its shameful - and provocative - attack on Marco Rubio the other day, its a fair question to ask if the Washington Post ever provokes leftists?


Its a house organ for the Democratic Party.

Nothing more.