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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Let's Hope He's Right

Here's a quote from the last Democrat to reside in Southwest Virginia - state Senator Phil Puckett:

"I've said to people, anyone who paid attention in the last session, that if Democrats lose control of the Senate, you're going to see a greatly different Virginia than what you see right now."

And he's right.

No more gun ban attempts.

No more tax increase proposals.

No more coal industry-destroying legislative efforts.

No more protecting scam artists and the junk science they promote.

Gay issues.  Environmental issues.  Fossil fuel issues.  ObamaCare issues.  "Diversity" issues.  Feminist issues.

Everything but freaking jobs issues.

Yeah, we get rid of Phil Puckett and every other Democrat who has done so much to inflict harm upon this state and it will surely be changed. For the better.

Let's hope that change is right around the corner.