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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Letting The 'Occupy Wall Street' Geniuses Define Themselves

There are a lot of leftists in this country who think it their responsibility to give definition to the "Occupy Wall Street" "protest."

Ignore them.

Let the protesters explain themselves.

Or try.

What a colossal embarrassment.

- - -

My favorite exchange between Howard Stern's reporter and Michael Moore's smarter twin:

Reporter: "What are you protesting here tonight?"

Idiot: "Uh, capitalism.  I'm here against capitalism itself."

Reporter: "Where are you defecating while you're here?"

Idiot: "Mostly at the McDonald's over there."

Earth to moron: That shelter where you gain respite is owned by one of the largest capitalist entities on the planet.

Corporations are evil.

No.  That's just McDonald's.  They do hamburgers and stuff.

Good God.