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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Like I Said

As I wrote the other day in "I've Got A Bad Feeling: I am really not getting the man's say-nothing approach to the issues of the day," Washington Post columnist George Will, too, is troubled by the fact that Mitt Romney has taken positions on every issue of the day; make that lots of positions on every issue of the day.  Says Will in "Mitt Romney, the pretzel candidate":

"A straddle is not a political philosophy; it is what you do when you do not have one."

Yeah, he's better than the hapless, detached community organizer who occupies the White House today.

But Romney's not the guy who's going to dismantle the colossus and save our country.

I'm reminded of the time when Bill Clinton - hero of the news media - that unarguable master of the presidency - came before the American people and told them that he was prepared - at their growing insistence - to cut the federal budget. But when asked where specifically he was prepared to make cuts, he could only come up with the honey beekeeper subsidy.  A mere spit in the ocean.  Needless to say, nothing changed during his reign.  Except the level of fawning from that media.

Romney?  I can't honestly say I expect better from him.

Though better we deserve.

I'm still not sure who that better presidential candidate is, but I'm increasingly sure who it isn't.