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Monday, October 03, 2011

On Those 'Protesters' & Their ... Cause?

Ah, yes. They're marching on Washington and Boston and San Francisco and Chicago by the millions dozens with the intention of changing the world.

Well, they're protesting.  The "change" thing they haven't quite figured out yet.

These kids are hilarious:

I especially enjoyed listening to the young twit (wearing a Harvard sweatshirt?) who (accidentally fell off the turnip truck, hit her head, and) suddenly realized that she had accumulated student loan debt and now wants someone else to pay it.

And the young guy in a trench coat (?) who calls for "the use of force" "if it can maximize freedom." Huh?

Wrap your brain around that thought.

In truth, these youngsters haven't the first inkling as to why they're protesting.  They simply want ... change.

Which puts them all in league with our fearless leader.  He too hasn't a clue.  But hopes for some kind of change to fall off a turnip truck and ... deliver ... us ... from ... evil.  Or something.

Too funny.