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Friday, October 21, 2011

Question Asked. I Answer. Sorta.

The question of the day, posed by Ed Morrissey:

"Does Qaddafi’s death make the Libyan war a success?"

The answer is YES. Depending on your perspective.


1) The Libyan people are liberated from a tyrant's grip.

2) The war ended favorably for them, with his execution.

3) The war was, therefore, for them, a success.

But for America? Make the case that it ended in our favor.

You can't.

Whereas Muammar Qaddafi was once a terrorist, when George W. Bush overthrew the Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq in 2003, Qaddafi renounced terrorism and dismantled his  nuclear program.  It was at that point that I lost all interest in the man.

He's dead. And I don't care.