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Friday, October 14, 2011

Roscoe Reynolds Digs Deeper

We talked the other day about the worst political campaign ad in TV history.  Thank you, Senator Roscoe Reynolds.  See "Roscoe's Getting Down & Dirty."

I beat up on Southside's embarrassing state senator for putting his name to a commercial that will go down in history for its incompetence, but I didn't do any fact-checking while I was at it.

For that we turn to Media General Communications and WSLS TV, Roanoke:
Fact Check on Reynolds' "You ain't from around here" ad on Stanley
By Jarett Henshaw

In overalls, a man stares at a superimposed Bill Stanley and says, “You ain't from around here, are you boy."

Like me, you probably couldn't help but chuckle the first time you saw this Roscoe Reynolds sponsored commercial that goes after his State Senate opponent Bill Stanley.

I did some checking to find out how much of the attack ad is true.

"After 20 years as a Northern Virginia trial lawyer, Billy Stanley moved south, got elected to the Senate,” says the commercial.

"This claim is false. Stanley didn't graduate from law school until 1994, so he's only been a lawyer for 17 years, not 20 like the ad says. He spent the next 5 years practicing law in Northern Virginia, then opened his Franklin County law office in 1999.

"Stanley's not even in the phone book, bad, bad, bad,” says the ad.

I did some checking and it's true that his home phone number isn't in the Franklin county phone book, but the number to his law office is.

"You ain’t from around here, are you boy,” asks the advertisement.

Bill Stanley actually grew up all over the country in a military family, so he didn’t grow up in Southwest Virginia, or any other one place, but he's lived here for 12 years. [link]

What does that say about a politician who distorts something so basic and that's so easily checked against the facts?

Can you say P-A-N-I-C?

A suggestion to ol' Roscoe:  Don't be playing your constituents for fools, old man.  They aren't as stupid as the people in your inner circle (like the ones who did that commercial).  Treat them like adults and, hey, maybe they'll reelect your sorry behind.

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Here's the WSLS piece on Roscoe's lies stretching of the truth: