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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The RPV At Its Best

I don't have a dog in this fight, but the email I received from the Republican Party of Virginia is such a masterpiece that I thought I'd pass it along.  It has to do with Democratic state Senator Edd Houck, whose district encompasses all of Fredericksburg and Orange and parts of Albemarle, Culpeper, Louisa and Spotsylvania counties.

The RPV:
Panic! Terrified Democrat Edd Houck Grasps at Straws, Misses -- With defeat looming, Democrat scrambles to distract voters from his high tax record  --  
When a campaign is going under, even the flimsiest straw suddenly looks like a life raft. And Edd Houck is grasping at straws as fast as he can.

In his latest TV spot and mail piece, Edd Houck has decided that former Army Ranger, narcotics Cop, turned insurance agent and financial planner Bryce Reeves ... is somehow in favor of sending jobs to China.

Edd's reasoning? Almost as suspect Edd Houck's claims to be a fan of lower taxes.

Here's how Ed lays it out:

Bryce Reeves volunteered for Americans for Prosperity, which was founded by a man who owns part of a company that had to lay off some people in Virginia. Meanwhile, in an unrelated factory, the company expanded a different product line.

Ergo, Bryce Reeves is sending jobs to China! The logic is truly dizzying. Even so, let's take Edd's logic on a test flight and see where it lands.

Edd is a Democrat and is therefore affiliated with the Democratic National Committee, which at one time supported former Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y.

Under Edd's logic, we can safely say that Edd supports the idea of tweeting salacious pictures of his underwear.

In reality, we feel fairly comfortable saying that Edd Houck does not, in fact, support tweeting pictures of his underwear. But if you accept Edd's logic in regard to Bryce Reeves, support for underwear pictures are the logical follow-on.

Let's cut to the chase.
Edd Houck is trying to link Bryce Reeves to the Koch Brothers, the liberal left's latest and greatest conservative bogeymen.  But there's a problem with that. Of the two candidates in the 17th District, only one has taken a donation from Koch Industries, and it isn't Bryce Reeves. 

Looks like Edd is a supporter of sending jobs to China too... if you borrow his strange logic...

Statement of Chairman Pat Mullins on Edd Houck's tenuous logic:

"Edd Houck knows he's losing. People are looking at his record over the past four years, and it speaks for itself. A vote for Edd Houck is a vote for higher taxes, bigger government and less freedom.

While Edd Houck was busy trying to raise taxes, Bryce Reeves has been running a successful small business.

Edd's so scared he's telling reporters that he's Governor McDonnell's best friend in the General Assembly. He's blatantly trying to hide his record by associating himself with someone more popular than he is.

What's next? Edd Houck will try anything.  Maybe he will try to hide from his voting for the largest tax increase in Virginia history while ignore the fact that Virginia's families are still footing the bill for those massive tax hikes.

We doubt he will be on stage with Barack Obama when he comes to town next week, so we suspect that he will try to latch on to Mark Warner instead of trying to defend his record of raising taxes on the people of the 17th Senate district."

 Ed Houck: Proud to support the largest tax increase in Virginia history and the policies of Barack Obama... until it comes time to run for re-election.   

Then, it's false attacks and desperately finding new best friends rather than standing behind his record.   

Edd Houck:  Too Liberal.  Too Long.