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Monday, October 31, 2011

Tea Party Wins One In Abingdon

They had been in hot pursuit of this one.  And they got what they wanted.

An announcement from the Southwest Virginia Tea Party of Abingdon & Bristol:
YEE HAH, PATRIOTS!...Another one bites the dust!

Just goes to show ya what a few relentlessly politically incorrect people Who Refuse To Sit Down And SHUT UP can do----whether or not the credit goes to us, (see below) or ICLEI's very user-unfriendly software! We CLAIM THE VICTORY!!!!

Thank you to Rich Macbeth and the 10th Amendment Foundation, for joining the SWVA Tea Party in this fight!

Thank you to Phil Spence and the 2nd Tuesday Constitution Group, for hosting Donna Holt----who forever rocked our world!!

Thank you to Donna Holt, for firing the shot heard around the great Commonwealth of VA!!!

Thank you to Don Casey, for being the surprise guest on the Abingdon Go Green Committee agenda!!!

Thank you, Col Scotty, for your encouraging words on the way to that meeting when I was so nervous I thought I might just throw up....!!!

Above all, thank you God, from whom our liberties originate.

This is a victory, but it doesn't make the problem go away...

We must now focus on the Washington County Comprehensive Plan.

We must make it our duty to know the business of the Mount Rogers Planning District Commission.

We must be a steadfast part of our local and state government, as the new commissioners, delegates and senators take office.

And we must continue to insist that Congressman Morgan Griffith come forth to address the New River Valley Livability Initiative----the regional plan that is poised to take over a huge part of the 9th District---and state his position on Agenda 21.

Removing Rick Boucher from office proved that we cannot be ignored.

Removing ICLEI from Abingdon proves that we didn't stop there.

In liberty,

Catherine Turner
SWVA Tea Party Abingdon / Bristol

- - -

Good afternoon Mr. Macbeth. I understand from Cecile that you have requested to be on the November Council agenda to discuss the status of the Town’s membership in ICLEI. In that regard, please note that I did not renew the Town’s membership for the upcoming year due to our lack of use of the carbon foot printing software that was available to us through ICLEI. Accordingly, Abingdon is not a member for the upcoming year. Let me know if this adequately addresses the inquiry that you have relative to this issue.

Take Care,


Gregory W. Kelly

Town Manager

Town of Abingdon
When every voice is heard ...

They were relentless. And won.