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Monday, October 10, 2011

They Have One Thing In Common

I got to thinking, when I read "Van Jones: It’s time for an 'American Autumn' in the spirit of the Arab Spring," a wish on his part that the "Occupy Wall Street" movement becomes like that which unfolded in the streets of Cairo, that there is one similarity between the two groups.  Both the poor schmucks in Egypt and the idiots in that park in New York City are living in squalor.

The difference is this: The searingly impoverished people of Cairo want better for themselves and their children, they want out of poverty; the college kids demonstrating their stupidity on a daily basis in the streets of New York seem perfectly happy wallowing in their urine and feces.

In Egypt, the cry goes forth: We're tired of unsanitary living conditions.

In New York, it's a badge of honor to have turds hanging from your Nikes.

Want to truly make "Occupy Wall Street" like the Arab Spring"?

Grow up.