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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Things Are Starting To Heat Up

Election day is approaching.  And, if you were to judge by the radio and TV ads that are appearing all of a sudden around Southwest Virginia, you'd think Barack Obama is on the ballot.

Well, I guess, in a way, he is.

Our president, you see, has a lot of help dismantling our country, one brick at a time.

His eager helpers?

We could start with Phil Puckett, longtime Democratic state senator from Russell County.  Let's let his opponent in the upcoming election, Republican Adam Light, provide the details:

For the record, Phil Puckett is not a Barack Obama supporter. As of a few days ago. What might have changed his opinion?

But the two of them are, when it comes to raising our taxes and meddling in our lives, kindred spirits.

You might want to remember that next time Puckett tells you he's had a change of heart.