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Thursday, October 06, 2011

This Should Be a Hoot

Big news coming out of Roanoke!
Occupy Wall Street offshoot organizes in Roanoke
By Neil Harvey, Roanoke Times

A group called Occupy RoanokeVa has established a website and a Facebook page and plans to hold an organizational meeting this weekend, with an eye toward a local demonstration as soon as next weekend.

"The one that went down on Wall Street hit close to home, not only with myself but a lot of other people in my life," said local artist and promoter Brian Zickafoose, one of the organizers of Occupy RoanokeVa.

"This is something that's been coming to a head for a long time. I think a lot of people are in agreement that change needs to come on a higher level," he added. [link]
I was wondering how I was going to be entertained, now that "Shit My Dad Says" has been cancelled.

I'll watch these morons make fools of themselves by occupying a phone booth somewhere in the capitalist cesspool of Roanoke, Virginia!


Or maybe not.

Turn to the OccupyRoanokeVA facebook page, click on the "Friend Activity" link, and this comes up:

No friend activity found.

No friends.


No matter.  Here's to the membership of OccupyRoanokeVA!  Both of ya.

Got the beer.  Got the munchies.  Bring on the clowns!