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Friday, October 07, 2011

Ward Armstrong Gets His Wish

Obama is heading his way.

How excited the Democratic delegate from Collinsvile Bassett must be.

Or not.

Here's Ward Armstrong a few years ago::

"If ever there was a region in this state that needed Barack Obama, it is my district."

That was in 2008.

Any bets on whether he'll be in Danville when Obama's herse pulls into Danville, just down the road?
Obama's Bus Tour Headed to Virginia
By Bob Lewis, NBC Washington

President Barack Obama is taking his bus tour to the Virginia cities of Danville, Charlottesville, Newport News and Fredericksburg this month to pitch his jobs package to the people.

A senior Democrat said the four cities are part of his pitch to voters in key battleground states to pressure congressional Republicans to approve his $447 million economic revitalization bill. [link]
I can just see every Democratic politician in Southside Virginia lining up to be on stage with Mr. Wonderful.

Yeah, I can just see it ...