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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Warning For The Liberal Media

As a student of history, I offer you this advice.  Before you go all orgasmic over the revolution that you see the "occupy Wall Street" "movement" to be - a la the frenetic 1960's - consider:

It was 1960's radicalism that brought about the 1968 presidential election of one Richard Milhous Nixon.  Law and order.  First and  foremost.

"How can a party that can't keep order in its own back yard hope to keep order in our fifty states?"

The results:

Do you really want that?  Celebrate chaos - again - and live with the result.

* The map shows the results of the 1968 presidential election.  Nixon-Agnew in red.  Humphrey-Muskie in blue.  Wallace/LeMay in green.