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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

What Drives 'Occupy Wall Street'?

I'll leave it up to the executive editor of The Nation, the most radically leftist media outlet in America, to give definition to the movement to which only a drugged-up, under-aged half-wit can relate.

Betsy Reed:

"Maybe this will go nowhere too. The odds are against it, after all. But what do we have to lose? We have to try something new."

To arms! To the ramparts! Prepare for the revolution! It's a good day to die in the name of ...

... "something."

These people crack me up.

- - -

For further amusement, here's a quote from Michelle Malkin:
The protesters who gripe about being up their eyeballs in college debt (actually, it’s usually mom and dad who are up to their eyeballs) will protest the squandering of their future by squandering time away from the classroom sipping Snapple, munching Powerbars, Tweeting from their iPads, and bemoaning the homicidal corporatization of America.
In truth, the "protesters" are too stupid to associate Snapple®, Powerbars®, Twitter®, and iPads® with corporations. Those, after all, are good things. Yummy things.  Fun things.  Corporations, well, they're bad things.

I'm lovin' this. I hope the protesters extend their jihad right on into winter. What an ongoing hoot.

- - -

Food for thought:

If the purpose of this "movement" is anarchy, and the effort of the pimple-plagued "occupy something" protesters melts into "chaos," haven't they achieved their goal?

- - -

How about this for amusement?  Protesters set up a tent city in Boston and ...

... it attracts all the city's homeless people.

They're willing to stand up to The Man.  But can they deal with body odor, diarrhea, and puke in the tent they "occupy"?

Stay tuned ...