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Monday, October 10, 2011

When Is Obama Going To Ban Running?

Two headlines, recent days.

From the Roanoke Times Wednesday: "Anita Carolyn Altizer, 41, died Sept. 26 while out for a run."

From the Associated Press this morning: "Male runner collapses at Chicago Marathon, dies."

Liberals in this country love to ban things.  The latest being over-the-counter asthma inhalers, for God's sake.

The asthma inhalers that have killed no one to date.

The same with cheap automobile air conditioning refrigerants.

Which have never killed anyone either.

So why not jogging?  Which kills.

Lead paint?  They're still debating the death toll - if there is one - from that one.  Nevertheless, it's been banned for thirty years.

Let me ask you, if 215,413 Americans went out on a jog this morning and four of them died from exercise-related causes, wouldn't an investigation be in order?  Maybe a ban on running?

But we never talk about such things.


Because the liberal busybodies who dream up reasons to ban shit love to jog.

Ban jogging?  Can't be havin' that.  They do it.

That's why they're big on banning circumstances where - and how much - beer can be consumed, but tell us that wine is good for us. They like wine.  And they'll tell you that it's only NASCAR neanderthals who drink beer.  So it's bad.

Got it?

Same with tobacco and marijuana.  They want tobacco users imprisoned while, at the same time, they're doing doobies in the bathroom at the weekend pool party and livin' large.

Me?  I don't much care what any of you choose to do to yourselves.

But when I become emperor, and I'm told my role in life is to ban something, the first thing I'm going to ban is liberal stupidity.

Second, running.

I've learned that's how this works.