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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Why Did We Go To War With Libya Again?

Oh.  Yeah.  To bring freedom to a tortured land.

Nearly 7,000 prisoners of war are packed into dingy, makeshift jails around Libya, where they have languished for weeks without charges and have faced abuse and even torture ...

Obama ousted the bad guys, right?

- - -

To show that our elected representative to Washington has gotten the political bluster thing down pat, here's what Congressman Morgan Griffith had to say about Muammar Gadhafi's execution:

"The announcement of Gadhafi's death today will allow the Libyan people to begin closing this chapter of tyranny and moving towards a more free society. Today's events should serve as a sobering reminder to other despots around the world that, in the end, justice, dignity, and freedom will prevail. It is my hope for the Libyan people that they peacefully come together to build a democratic government."

Yeah.  Okay.