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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Why 'Occupy Wall Street' Is Just Another Reality Show

Much is being made by the mainstream media, and by Democra ... oh, I said that ... about the potent force that is "Occupy Wall Street."  "Occupy Wall Street" being made up of kids who sit each day in their own filth in that park in New York City, shouting for  Wall Street to ... quit doing Wall Street stuff ... are a force to be reckoned with - they think.


Me?  I tune in for the entertainment value.  And nothing more.


Because, as a political organization that can bring about change - any kind of change - they're not.

They eschew politics.  They will have no part of it. As Matt Stoller writes in Politico:

"Despite deep suspicions on the right, Occupy Wall Street is not a left-wing electoral force, and the culture of the occupiers is one that profoundly distrusts electoral politics. There were no Obama signs — in fact, no signs supportive of either party."

So why are they there?

To bitch.

And why should I care about that?

Because it's beats "Survivor - South Pacific."  And whatever that show is that has the freaky, grossly overweight transgendered dude/dudess competing in ... a dance competition?  (Okay, that one does have its entertainment value; like a carnival road show.)

Anyway, "Occupy Wall Street" is calling upon all like-minded human beings to join its ranks and drop out of organized, civilized society.

A movement that is going to reshape America's political landscape?

Please, don't make me laugh.

Or, on second thought, do.

Bring on the clowns.