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Friday, October 28, 2011

Why Virginia Toughened Its Abortion Mill Regulations

You simply won't believe the callousness on display in this video.  But then again, those shown are employees of Affiliated Medical Services — an abortion mill in Milwaukee, Wis. — as they stand outside their clinic, laughing and dancing, about the time a woman injured in a failed abortion is wheeled away in an ambulance.

"The video, taken by a 40 Days for Life prayer warrior, also captures his conversation with the calloused employees, in which they tell him to 'shut up' and 'lucky it isn’t you in the hospital.'”

Liberals here in Virginia went into apoplexy when the government toughened its abortion clinic regulations (so that scenes that that above with ambulances pulling up to the back door to transport botched abortion victims to the hospital) several months ago.

Civilized human beings wonder why they're allowed to operate at all.