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Monday, October 10, 2011

Yeah, That'll Work

I think we've all come to the conclusion by now that our president has no clue as to how jobs are created in this country.

Most of us have also concluded that the one thing he does know how to do is destroy them (to the rest of you, a hint.  Two words - oil, coal).

And how to pester employers.

You know that "jobs" bill that Obama has been flying around the country shedding tears over because nobody in Congress - including his fellow Democrats - will give it a minute's consideration?  It includes a provision which would ban companies with 15 or more employees from refusing to consider — or offer a job to — someone who is unemployed.

Yeah, that'll help those eighteen million unemployed souls find work.

A jobs bill with a ban on hiring practices.

For the love of God.

Expect Obama to do a whole lot more whining as time goes by.