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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dan Casey, Seeing What He Wants To See

The Roanoke Times's silliest columnist, Dan Casey, propounds some wisdom for the ages this morning, having to do with political campaign tactics and some what-not-to-dos.  From "Voters never forget, and elections do matter":
Many conclusions can be drawn from Tuesday's elections. Below are but [three of] four.

1. Voters won't hesitate to dethrone incumbents who have embarrassed them.

[Which explains Bill Clinton's resounding reelection.]

3. Negative campaigning is a dangerous tactic, even for challengers.

[Which explains Barack "I'm not Bush" Obama's election.]

4. Finally, elections matter, and the 2012 General Assembly session may tell us exactly how much. The point was driven home with high-ranking Republicans' declaration in Richmond on Wednesday that there will be no power sharing in the Virginia Senate.

[Which explains why there was so much power-sharing in the state Senate under Democrat rule.]
Noun: myopia mahy-oh-pee-uh
1. In ophthalmology, a condition of the eye in which parallel rays are focused in front of the retina, objects being seen distinctly only when near to the eye; nearsightedness (opposed to hyperopia).
2.lack of foresight or discernment; obtuseness.
3.narrow-mindedness; intolerance.