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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Expect An Apology

Six months from now.

After Herman Cain's reputation is ruined.

As is the plan.

This passes for journalism these days:
CBS Broadcasts 'Sexual Assault' Claims Against Herman Cain
By Matthew Balan, NewsBusters

On Wednesday's Early Show, CBS's Betty Nguyen incorrectly reported that Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain had been accused of "sexual assault" by two women. Nguyen later accurately reported that the women actually leveled sexual harassment allegations against Cain.

The fill-in news anchor used the erroneous term during a 14-second news brief 37 minutes into the 7 am Eastern hour: "One of two women who accuse Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain of sexual assault wants to speak out. The woman's lawyer say she wants to be released from a confidentiality agreement, so that she can publically respond to Cain's recent claims regarding the case."

Despite [an] accurate second brief, CBS didn't issue a correction concerning the initial report during the remainder of The Early Show. [link]
No.  That correction will come much later, in an introspective CBS look at how the network's news division might have handled the scanty information about Herman Cain's distant past, and his relationship with persons unknown, in an incident that nobody knows anything about, differently.

And there'll be lots of smiles all around.

And fewer and fewer people will tune to the lowlifes' channel because of it.