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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gimme a Break

I broke into a smile when I saw the cover of Time magazine last week:

So much ass to kiss. It required that preposterous a headline.

Smart diplomacy?

Evidenced by what?

The "victory" in Libya where al Qaeda has seized power? Iraq, where we've been told to get the hell out by the government there that worked so well with the Bush administration? Afghanistan, where nobody can articulate a policy - smart or otherwise? Russia, where we're sneered at? Europe, where our advice is scorned? China, where we're considered hopelessly lost?

Or maybe our only friend in the Middle East that now refuses to tell us its Iran intentions because Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are considered enemies not to be trusted?

For the love of God, our diplomacy gets any "smarter" we'll be conducting it in a phone booth shared by no one.

* Could it be that the editors of Time magazine are in "anybody but Obama" mode here and are looking with growing anxiety at the 2012 election?