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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Making Sense Of The Woman Animal

I have to tell you, I've never been able to understand women.  They, to this day, are a complete mystery to me.  A fun mystery, but a mystery just the same.

But two aspects of the creature most odd have been made understandable in the last twenty four hours.  Those having to do with women who find adventure  - even joy - in fighting crowds - and each other - literally -  on Black Friday to secure yoga pants (!) at Victoria's Secret, and women who feel the need to be at the first showing of the Twilight Saga on the big screen at midnight.

I, like most men, watch these events unfold, and ask: What in the hell is that all about?  What possesses women to want to do either?

Then, yesterday afternoon, the first was explained in terms I could understand, and this morning the second.

I was listening to the Joe Pags radio show on my way home from work yesterday and heard him ask a female caller why she - or anyone - would fight through a mob in order to get a good deal on some Christmas gift.  Her response?

Think of it as football for women.



That actually makes sense.

And the mystery that is the female fascination for the bloodsucking movies known as the "Twilight Saga"?  That enigma gains explanation this morning:

The Twilight Saga is porn for women.




There is actually something comprehensible about that.

Woman explained.  At least to a slight degree.

Now if someone can just tell me why they are incapable - ever - of seeing the toilet seat in the raised position before they sit down ...