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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Obama Catches a Plane Bound For Glory ...

... and gives up on America:

From yesterday's Investor's Business Daily:
To hear Barack Obama describe the latest fiscal impasse in Washington, the poor guy is totally helpless dealing with this congressional crowd of hebetudinous laggards.

But wait! Where has Obama been during this fiscal crunch time?

He hasn't been on the sidelines again. He's been completely out of the country. He absolutely had to be in Cannes for the Group of 29.5 or whatever it's called this month because, you know, the Euro crisis. And, then he was hosting another group of leaders in Hawaii with Michelle. And then, of course, there was the Australia trip, which he'd already postponed twice.

And, hey, as long as he's down there, why not drop into Indonesia for old times sake and the Asian leaders meeting, score a new tropical shirt, talk some more? Not much going on back home anyway.

And today, having waved his veto wand at everybody on Monday, Obama's gone again, flying his large plane up to New Hampshire for more useless campaign talk about construction workers fixing bridges and looking like he's trying real hard.

But trying real hard to do what? Certainly not be president of the United States. [link]
There was a time when I argued that a president and a Congress doing nothing was a good thing.  By doing nothing, they were doing nothing to screw up the country further.  But today the country is completely screwed up.  And, if we don't get some leadership in Washington - and fast - we're screwed.

So.  At a critical time in the life of the US of A Obama catches a plane to Neverland.

In his case, I still think that's not a bad idea.  Maybe, when his plane lands, wherever it lands, he'll stay there.

And we can get back to fixing this poor, wretched country.

- - -

Running from the crisis seems to be the man's preferred method of ... engagement. From Keith Hennessey:

"The President’s press secretary tells us that the President and his Treasury Secretary have 'been very engaged with their European counterparts' in addressing their debt crises, but it appears the President’s involvement in the American Super Committee was to set a proposal on the table and then leave."

This is not a way to run the country ...