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Thursday, November 17, 2011

On Obama's 'Smart' Foreign Policy

Confused about why the USA is retreating from countries where our enemies clearly are to places where they're not?   Uganda?   Australia?

Actually, the strategy makes perfect sense if you understand DemocratThink.  As expressed so eloquently by Democrat-in-long-standing (well, not so much anymore) John Murtha a few years back.  In so many words?  It's smart to send the United States military where it won't get hurt:
MURTHA: Kuwait's one that will take us. Qatar, we already have bases in Qatar. So Bahrain. All those countries are willing to take the United States. Now, Saudi Arabia won't because they wanted us out of there in the first place. So—and we don't have to be right there. We can go to Okinawa. We, we don't have—we can redeploy there almost instantly. So that's not—that's, that's a fallacy. That's just a statement to rile up people to support a failed policy wrapped in illusion.

TIM RUSSERT: But it'd be tough to have a timely response from Okinawa.

MURTHA: Well, it—you know, they—when I say Okinawa, I'm saying troops in Okinawa. When I say a timely response, you know, our fighters can fly from Okinawa very quickly. Andwhen they don't know we're coming. There's no question about it. And where those airplanes won't—came from I can't tell you, but, but I'll tell you one thing, it doesn't take very long for them to get in with cruise missiles or with, with fighter aircraft or, or attack aircraft, it doesn't take any time at all. So we, we have done—this one particular operation, to say that that couldn't have done, done—it was done from the outside, for heaven's sakes.


See "Barack Obama: U.S. 'here to stay' as Pacific power."

And we'll be a "Pacific power" unless the people of Nauru begin to challenge us.  Then we become an Antarctic power.

Now you understand ...