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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Perhaps The Mexicans Deserve To Take Over The U.S.

A study in contrasts.

Day laborers, most not even legally in this country, gathered on some American street corner, waiting for the chance to find work, waiting to earn enough money to keep the family in food for the day:

Whining, pampered, clueless, unmotivated, and irreversibly helpless American-born-and-raised welfare candidates:

I'll be honest, I was too ashamed to watch the video again of the sniveling worm crying for help because he's too freaking lazy and ill-prepared to go out and fend for himself. But I was directed to the last segment of the video in which "Ketchup" appears (at the 1:34 mark). She's the "spokesperson" for the "Occupy" movement who showed up in the Steven Colbert clip that my wife felt was surely staged.  "Ketchup" is, in fact, one of them.

I don't know.  I look at the helpless children in Zucotti Park and wonder if maybe those Mexicans aren't our best and last hope for America.