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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

She's Upset That Her Name's Being Dragged Through The Mud ...

... so I'm keeping her name anonymous.

So says a lawyer for a Herman Cain accuser.


As James Taranto tells us, it gets more bizarre by the day:
Meanwhile, last week's unspecified allegations by unnamed women grow ever more Orwellian. "Herman Cain Allegation: Accuser Breaks Silence," read a Friday headline at Politico, which broke the original nonstory. There is actually no evidence that she, whoever she is, broke her silence. What happened was that a lawyer representing the unnamed accuser read a statement from her, which she could have prepared without ever speaking a word.

The lawyer, Joel Bennett, said: "Mr. Cain knows the specific incidents that were alleged. My client filed a written complaint in 1999 against him specifically and it had very specific incidents in it and if he chose to not remember or not acknowledge those, that's his issue." As to what the specifics were, Bennett didn't specify them.
Here's a copy of the "complaint."  Though there is no complaint even hinted at.

The world has gone mad.