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Monday, November 14, 2011

There Are Still Sane People In Gov't!

Just look to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where badass wannabes seized an abandoned building to start the revolution and local government officials there unseized it.  The mayor took circumstances into account and acted.

You want to start the revolution?  Get a job, buy your own property, start your revolution on your property, stay off that of others.  And take a bath.

The Marxists get their asses thrown in jail.

Police arrest Chapel Hill protesters who occupied vacant business
By Katelyn Ferral and Mark Schultz, Raleigh News & Observer

Chapel Hill -- A police tactical team of more than 25 police officers arrested eight demonstrators Sunday afternoon and charged them with breaking and entering for occupying a vacant car dealership on Franklin Street.

Officers brandishing guns and semi-automatic rifles rushed the building at about 4:30 p.m. They pointed weapons at those standing outside, and ordered them to put their faces on the ground. They surrounded the building and cleared out those who were inside.

Eight people inside the building were cuffed and put on a Chapel Hill Transit bus to be taken to the police station to be charged with misdemeanor breaking and entering.

"Along with facilitating citizens' ability to exercise their constitutional rights, it is also a critical responsibility of all levels of government in a free society to respond when rights of others are being impinged upon," Chapel Hill Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt said in a statement issued Sunday night.

"This weekend a group of protesters broke into and entered a privately owned building in downtown Chapel Hill. ... The Town has an obligation to the property owners, and the Town will enforce those rights ..." [link]
So you know, that park in Manhattan that the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters are using as their base of operations is private property too (owned by a corporation, no less; how delicious is that?).  Why the authorities in New York City don't run those squatters off is a myster ... oh, wait.  Bloomberg runs New York.  Never mind.

Anyway, here's to the city of Chapel Hill, where the law is still considered the law.

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As for Zucotti Park and Mayor Bloomberg's tolerance of "the right to protest," it appears that that excuse is gone with the wind stench: "It's changed a lot in the past few weeks...now it is just a vagrant city."