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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Time Has Taken Its Toll

I have to be honest, as much as I want to support the candidacy of Herman Cain for president, I keep getting this feeling that he's as woefully unprepared for the gig as Barack Obama was when he and the media decided he'd make a doozie of a leader of the free world.

See "Rambling Cain has an 'oops' moment." (Yeah, it comes from Politico, which makes the motivation suspect, but video doesn't lie.)

As many Democrats will NOW attest, they knew Obama was lacking in experience when he ran for the highest office on the planet.  But he was "black."  And that made up for his ignorance, unpreparedness, and the lack of a skill set.

Well, as we've come to realize, there's more to running a country than skin tone.

I like Cain.  He's a great motivational speaker.  He's a good conservative.  And he's more qualified than Obama - today - to be our leader.

But we can do better.

We have to do better.

In this critical hour, there'll be no second third chance to get it right.

- - -

Jennifer Rubin, whose opinion and analysis I hold in the highest regard, is brutally frank:

"Enough! Republicans can’t take it anymore. [Herman Cain] is shockingly ignorant, and entirely unfit to run for president. I’m not sure he even follows current events. Expect to see his poll numbers tumble further. He’s been 'flyspecked' right out of the top tier. We’ll see who picks up his stunned former supporters."

Painful.  But necessary.