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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

We Win Some, We Lose Some

All in all, it was a good day for Republicans in Southwest Virginia yesterday.  And I'm going to guess that, when the polling analysis comes in, we'll find that GOP turnout was much stronger throughout than Democrat.  Hello, and thank you, Barack Obama.

On the Senate side, in the 40th District, Republican Bill Carrico assumes the seat vacated by the retiring William Wampler by trouncing John Lamie (click on the images to enlarge them):

In the 38th, newbie Adam Light made it a race but fell short.  Phil Puckett will remain in office to vote for tax increases for another four years.  I have already beaten up on the Light campaign; today I'll just congratulate him for being there fighting the good fight:

Too bad.  That one should have been had but got away.

One that feels particularly rewarding, though, comes out of the 19th District, where Senator Ralph Smith won rather handily over former Republican - now friend of Mark Warner - Brandon Bell:

Not even close.

And, just as gratifying - though there'll be a recount contesting the results - is Bill Stanley's squeaker of a win over longtime Senator Roscoe Reynolds:

Shucks.  We won't have ol' Roscoe to kick around anymore.

The real disappointment comes in the 21st District.  There liberal Democrat John Edwards beat back a serious challenge from stalwart conservative Dave Nutter.  I expected all along that this was going to be a tough one to win, what with the city of Roanoke and the People's Republic of Blacksburg dominating the District.  And, as I suspected, Edwards won big in both, while Nutter swept the more rural areas, particularly Giles County.

Hopefully Nutter will be back in the future - and the citizens of Roanoke and Blacksburg will come to their senses.  Some day.

Depending on what the final outcome is in the too-close-to-call 17th District, where Republican Bryce Reeves  - as the results now stand - beat liberal Democrat Edd Houck by just 86 votes out of 45,056 cast, the Senate will be evenly split 20-20.  With Republican Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling being the deciding vote in the Senate.

It don't get better than that.

Except in the House of Delegates.  See below.

* Election results can be viewed at: